Eudora to GyazMail

Step 1 – Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird. Launch it and create a default email account. You actually don’t have to fill in any information, just make sure the files in  “~/Library/Thunderbird” are created.

Step 2 – Download Eudora Mailbox Cleaner. Drag a copy of  your “~/Documents/Eudora Folder” on it. It will ask you what kinds of data to import and the target program (Thunderbird or Apple Mail). I chose to import mailboxes to Thunderbird.  This took a while processing all my messages, but it never crashed and the conversion feedback status was a nice  touch. After this is done, all your Eudora mailboxes will  have been converted into Thunderbird in the directory “~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/XXXXX.default/Mail/Local Folders”

Step 3 – Download and install GyazMail. I created a new  local account called “Archive” and proceeded to import all the Thunderbird mailboxes created in Step 2. This can be made easier since GyazMail allows you to create shortcuts for any menu item, so I set Command-Shift-I to File…Import…Unix mbox…  Also, you can select multiple files from the import dialog box, and this helps tremendously if your mailboxes are stored in a tree-like layout (my messages were grouped by year). Unfortunately, you can only import mailboxes in one directory at a time, but this helps check your progress. This took me about 30 minutes to complete.

Step 4 – after importing all your mailboxes, create your  email accounts and filters in GyazMail to start sending and receiving new messages.


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  1. […] have created a separate page showing what I did to import years of Eudora email into GyazMail. I did not import filters nor nicknames/address books. My filters are simple and I had already […]

  2. Does it matter whether you are using Eudora’s “old style” format mbox files or not? That is, whether you have it set for 2 files for each mailbox (.toc + the mbox folder) or whether they are combined, with the TOC info being embedded in (I think it’s) the resource fork of the mailbox file? To prevent corrupted mailboxes I had switched to the separate .toc files at about Mac OS Leopard. Do I need to switch back in order not to lose all my message statuses, labels, attachments, edited subject fields etc?

    So far the few import methods I’ve tried have all lost those kinds of info, which are stored in the .toc data. This is why I am still using Eudora and have not been able to update to Mac OS Lion. I would love to find a way to without losing my Eudora archive, but I need to have the .toc info imported with the messages.

    Thanks for already giving me hope that there’s a way, and for whatever answers you post.

  3. Thanks for reading my 3-year old article.

    I used Eudora for 15 years in conjunction with a Unix mail account from my ISP. Therefore, I believe (but can’t exactly say) that I was using separate *.toc files since I transferred mbox files between the Unix and Mac mail systems and resource forks might have messed up transfers.

    Since the migration from Eudora isn’t irreversible, you could complete Step 2 above to see your email in Thunderbird. At that point, you can try any email application that supports importing from Thunderbird and see which one you like. GyazMail isn’t for everyone, but it’s my preference, and the developer provides good tech support.

    • Thanks for getting back to me, and so quickly. You were ahead of the curve, getting out of Eudora 3 years ago. I have waited till I’ve become late transitioning to OS Lion because there is so much I still intermittently need to access in my own Eudora archive, which goes back to the mid-1990s. The previous imports/exports I have tried lost not only the attachments but the statuses, and of course all my edits and labels etc.

      It took several hours to get the first stage completed, but I now have my archive at the Thunderbird transitional stage. It did use Eudora’s separate .toc file mbox format. And it seems to have worked fine and this time brought forward all of the kinds of info I had previously lost.

      So now anyone else finding this old thread who even more tardy than I am will now know that the separate .toc file info works fine.

      I haven’t decided on GyazMail yet, having not even heard of it until today but I am definitely looking for alternatives to Apple’s Mail and T-bird.

      Much thanks for leaving this post up online where Google can find it.

      • ps: The intermediate Thunderbird Eudora Mail Cleaner export you recommended opens fine in “Eurdoa OSE”, the Thunderbird add-on that is *supposed to be like* (but is it?) good old Eudora (but with HTML rendering etc.). I may try that awhile en route to any other mail client. Wanted to make sure you know about it, as it might not yet have existsed when you posted the above:

        The other contender for Eudora-like email-handling is MailForge:

        You probably already know about those, but in case not you might want to check them out if you miss any Eudura features, and I post them so they may be happened upon but anyone else who is still living under a rock like I’ve been, not sure how to move forward from Eudora, not able to give up the contents of its email archive. Now that that archive can be moved forward to new formats just about any client is possible.

  4. Nice to see my process to migrate from Eudora has helped you. I did look both MailForge and EudoraOSE. The early versions of MailForge were unstable at the time I made the switch. EudoraOSE came out too late for me, but I did try it and my impression is that it’s just Eudora eye-candy over Thunderbird – the features in Eudora that were unique are not in EudoraOSE. One example – you’ll get the nice Eudora toolbar, but you can’t edit received mail.

    • Correct. Eudora OSE is just a superficial Eudora-like veneer. MailForge is more of a contender. It has become much more stable (it just went 3,0) and you can edit the messages, subject fields, etc. use tags and do most of what Euroda allows (though not all) but such thing are much more cumbersome to do in MailForge than they were in Eudora. I gave it a good try a couple days ago and set up some keyboard equivalents to a bunch of the menu commands, which did help, and I might use it, or might give Apple Mail a try, as it is highly scriptable and I may be able to more in it than initially appears to be the case.

      I tried GyazMail since my last message. I will try it again but suspect it is not the one for me. I was using such a range of Eudora features for so long that it was incredibly fast and quite helpful getting through the often-hundreds of messages I receive per day and organizing them so I can quickly find stuff even several years later. I will miss Eudora a lot!

      Anyway, happy emailing, and may the best software continue to be supported instead of abandoned in the future.

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