Doomsday Is Tomorrow

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With the rain and cold outside, I’m in retro mode watching some episodes of the original Bionic Woman with Lindsay Wagner.

The series only lasted three seasons, and most of the episodes are mediocre. However, one exception is “Doomsday is Tomorrow” where a dying scientist threatens the world with doomsday unless all nuclear testing is stopped. His trusty assistant is the Alex 7000 computer whose mission is to bring about the end of the world. Alex7K is too much like HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey, but the relentless logic and action is what makes this episode suspenseful and memorable. The episode shows features of the Internet we take for granted today (client-server computing and network communications).

No Frills Phone

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Since the iPhone can pretty much do anything except make phone calls, this might be my next phone:

Fall Saturdays

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The end of summer marks the return of some structure to my Saturday afternoons:

Cal Running Tubas

Cal Running Tubas

Go Bears!

Summer 2010

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Feeling a bit nostalgic (and who doesn’t at this age). Here is my summer of 2010, as seen through my cell phone:

Click the picture to get all frames.

I Rule

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With a 25% discount on buildings, I’ve finally “finished” We Rule by getting to level 35 and building the Red Dragon Lair. I’m sure there will be more levels and even more expensive buildings, but for now … I RULE!

All buildings are shown here, except for the Prison in my South Realm along with my massive plantation of Ruby Groves.

We Rule Level 35

We Rule Level 35

We Rule Weekend

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Here’s what I’ve been wasting my time on the last couple of weeks. My goal is to get all the buildings and then stop playing as much.We Rule Promo

Oil cleaned from animals must be returned to BP

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Under The Boardwalk

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Santa Cruz Boardwalk

iPad Accessory Unboxing

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I ordered an iPad with the 3G chip a few weeks ago. I was excited when Apple informed me that a package was on the way via FedEx. However, it only weighed 1 lb, and when I took it home, I was rather disappointed:

Come on Apple, send me my iPad ASAP!!!

The Unfinished Business Is Done

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Like Moses denied entry into the promised land, the late Ted Kennedy did not live to see his dream of universal health care become a reality for most Americans. His son Patrick left a note at his father’s grave site with this message:

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