Mission Accomplished

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What must piss off the Republicans is that Osama bin Laden’s death warrant has been signed by a liberal Democrat.

Lessons From Leuchtenberg

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Many of these quotes also apply to the past decade:

“By the end of the Harding administration, the Republican party was firmly committed to single-interest government. ‘Never before, here or anywhere else’, beamed the Wall Street Journal, ‘has a government been so completely fused with business.’ If, as Republican orators promised, this alliance succeeded in maintaining prosperity, the wisdom of single-interest politics would be proven. If it failed, a sharp reaction against single-interest politics would be inevitable.”

“Americans in the 1920’s, at least on the surface, were less sinridden and more self-indulgent than they had ever been before…. Abandoning the notion of saving income or goods or capital over time, the country insisted on immediate consumption, a demand which became institutionalized in the installment plan.”

“Dazzled by the prosperity of the time and by the endless stream of new gadgets, the American people raised businesess in the 1920’s into a national religion and paid respectful homage to the businessman as the prophet of heaven on earth.”

“Mangement had siphoned off gains in productivity in high profits, while the farmer got far less, and the worker, though better off, received wage increases disproportionately small when compared to (corporate) profits. As a result the purchasing power of workers and farmers were not great enough to sustain prosperity. For a time, this was partly obscured by the fact that consumers bought goods on installment at a rate faster than their income was expanding, but it was inevitable that a time would come when they would have to reduce purchases, and the cutback in buying would sap the whole economy.”

“Big business in America is producing what the Socialists held up as their goal; food, shelter, and clothing for all. You will see it during the Hoover administration” – Lincoln Steffens, 1928

“Political fundamentalism was an attempt to deny real division in American society by imposing a partiotic cult and coercing a sense of oneness. Every effort toward social change was condemned as un-American. This resistance to change and this insistence on conformity intertwined with the desire of rural churchmen to turn back modernism in religion and compel morality by statute.”

“The prosperity of the 1920’s produced the contagious feeling that everyone was meant to get rich. The decade witnessed a series of specualtive orgies, from ‘get-rick-quick’ schemes to the Florida real estate boom, climaxes in 1928 and 1929 by the Great Bull Market.”

“Throughout the history of the Klan runs a sordid thread of corruption. Many of the Klan leaders joined the organization primarily for personal profit; many who preached righteousness were morally corrupt …. The Stephenson episode revealed everything that was seamy about the Klan — the disloyalty of its leaders, the financial corruption, the political subversion, the moral hypocrisy, the sadism.”

Oil cleaned from animals must be returned to BP

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The Unfinished Business Is Done

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Like Moses denied entry into the promised land, the late Ted Kennedy did not live to see his dream of universal health care become a reality for most Americans. His son Patrick left a note at his father’s grave site with this message:

Recovery At Hand?

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Just saw this on the White House blog:

I’m not sure what the Tea Baggers are expecting. Did they want job gains immediately after Obama took office? It’s probably too complicated to explain to Glenn Beck the dynamic and inertial effects within our economy that makes their expectations unrealistic.

This is a work in progress. Let’s see where the numbers stand after another six months to see if we’re really making progress. To wish Obama otherwise would be wishing your fellow citizens ill will.

America – Technologically Illiterate

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A San Diego magnet school went into lockdown when one of their bright students brought in a science project with “wires” and empty plastic bottles. The idiots running our school system are responsible for this excessive post-9/11 paranoia and hysteria that is taking America down the path of technological illiteracy, where kids are treated like terrorists and discouraged from pursuing science and engineering careers. Something is wrong with this country when the 90% of the research staff at the company where I work are foreign-born immigrants.

Alan Grayson Kicks Ass

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“I remember President George W. Bush kissing Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah on the cheek, and then holding his hand for an extended period. Maybe if he’d let him get to second base, then gasoline would be a dollar a gallon.”

I wish more Democrats had as much chutzpah as Alan Grayson.

Oliver North Returns

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The central figure of the Iran-Contra scandal has returned as a foreign policy advisor for Congressional Republicans. We can debate all we want whether the arms-for-hostages deal was the right thing to do or whether Congress had passed unjust laws, but one thing is for certain – he facilitated the importation of cocaine and other illegal drugs into the United States, and for that he cannot be forgiven, ever. His involvement with the GOP today only shows their hypocrisy and win-at-all-costs attitude.

Treason of the Senate

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An excellent segment by Bill Moyers on how corruption is killing any chance for meaningful healthcare reform. The pro-health forces are outspent and outgunned by the corrupt lobbyists and corporations controlling the Senate agenda.

“Treason is a strong word, but not too strong to characterize the situation in which the Senate is the eager, resourceful, and indefatigable agent of interests as hostile to the American people as any invading army could be.” – David Graham Phillips

The Cost of Cheap Eggs

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