Toxic Sushi

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It’s just not my day – I had sushi for lunch and made a comment about the freshness of fish from the Pacific Northwest compared to the polluted waters off Southern California. Tonight comes an article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that describes the high level of toxins in the Spokane River. The high levels of toxins include fire retardants (PBDE) and banned carcinogens (PCB).

In 2002, California banned PBDEs when it was found that certain Bay Area fish had PBDE levels up to 62 parts per billion. Today, you can get Spokane Sushi with a PBDE level of 1250 parts per billion. Yummy.

McDonald’s Marketing Misses

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I know people who actually have bought and are rooting for McDonald’s stock, but that company has been going downhill for a long time. This year, they’ve hit the trifecta of screwups. But I guess owning McDonald’s stock is probably better than eating their swill.

The first one is their Lincoln Fry blog, which was quickly exposed as an inept guerilla marketing campaign, though I would compare it to disinformation activities carried on by the KGB and the Bush Administration.

The second one is their clueless use of urban slang. In trying to sell more hamburgers, they somehow forgot to run it through focus groups and ended up suggesting that people should fornicate with their sandwiches.

The third Mickey D’s screw up needs no further comment. The pure inaneness of their ethnic website is proof enough. First thing I did is turn off the music.

Wow, two food-related posts in one day.

Hungry? Think again

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This video shows unpleasant truths behind the food we eat. It does not show the entire truth, but it probably shows how most of the large corporate food producers operate. I’m not a vegetarian and will probably never be, but anyone who does not feel or think different after seeing this movie lacks empathy and unable to imagine a better way to produce our food. We are what we eat.

Direct link to the QuickTime movie.

Coke C2 Revealed

June 20, 2004 at 8:03 pm | Posted in Food and Drink | 1 Comment

As one who finds soft drinks too sweet, I usually water them down with some soda water (when available). So I was very interested in Coca-Cola’s C2 when it was announced a few months ago. With America’s craze for low-carb Atkins-style diets, C2 promises half the sugar of the regular stuff. I bought a 20-oz bottle to see for myself. The sidebar looked good (18g of sugar and 68 calories for a 12 oz serving) until I saw this:

Yuck. I never liked diet sodas because I am sensitive to saccharine, aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners. Some even get headaches from aspartame, although this has been subject to debate. I tried it and I liked it because it is less sweet than regular Coke, but I can still taste the aspartame.

It looks like Coke just mixed one part Diet Coke and one part Coke Classic and spent millions of dollars trying to convince us that this is something innovative and new, when in reality, you might be able to approximate it using the above recipe.

It’s too bad the corn syrup producers in this country have bought legislation suppressing the use of an excellent alternative to refined sugar – stevia.

Check it out – the rest of the world can’t be wrong.

Glen Campbell DUI

November 24, 2003 at 9:02 pm | Posted in Food and Drink | Leave a comment

Yahoo! News – Country Singer Glen Campbell Arrested

Late in his career, Glen gives a whole new meaning to his song “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”. At this time in Phoenix, he’s in jail.To add insult to injury, he decides to hit-and-run in his BMW, giving his fellow drivers a bad rep.To win the trifecta, he also decides to assault the arresting officer.Congratulations Glen, you’ve made the “Celebrity Arrest of the Day”!

Stout recollections

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My first taste of Irish stout was a sip from my brothers glass last month in Seattle. Last Saturday, I finally had a chance to drink a full glass of Guinness — from a can with the little white ball. I only managed to drink one while my cousin put away three.

I didn’t give it much thought until I drank another one for dinner and then came across this post. If this is the kind of writing one can do after drinking a few stouts, then I’ll have to consider drinking more of this ‘midnight stealth’.

Culinary Ignorance

September 27, 2003 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Food and Drink | Leave a comment

Yesterday, I attended a pre-wedding dinner at a fancy Seattle French restaurant. One of the items on the menu was a brochette consisting of chicken, puff pastry, and sweetbread. Only after taking that first bite of sweetbread did I realize what it is. Now I realize that French cuisine can rival Chinese in terms of what parts of the animal it will use as food. They are actually worse since they have such nice euphemisms to describe these certain body parts. At least Chinese restaurants will tell me if that tube steak is made from pig intestines.

The Frogs eat escargot. Enough said.

That’s what a hamburger’s all about…

August 29, 2003 at 12:02 am | Posted in Food and Drink | 1 Comment

I’ve always known that one can order extra meat on their In-N-Out burgers. Someone actually ordered a 20×20 and ate it all. At least I now know the price – 65 cents for a beef patty and 20 cents for cheese.

Great burgers. Mickey D’s and Burger King shouldn’t even try.

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