Too Much Twittering

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Panic Grips

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Tags: , , , , is in full-on panic mode as the anticipated announcement of the Apple JesusTablet draws near. First, they reduced the royalty split from 70/30 in Amazon’s favor to 70/30 in the publishers favor. Then they announce a beta version of a Kindle Development Environment to get third party applications. Finally, they announce a money-back guarantee for selected Kindle customers, as long as they buy their Kindle by January 26th.

These developments wouldn’t be bad if they were spread out over months and or announced earlier in the Kindle’s life in response to customer complaints, but the timing and spacing of these events indicates that Amazon is greatly worried about their ability to compete with an unannounced Apple product, and rightfully so – their pricing and the fiasco over copies of Orwell’s “1984” deleted from their customers Kindles has earned them the distrust of many users, including myself.

Sorry Amazon, I’ll be waiting until January 27th to decide if I want an ebook reader.

America – Technologically Illiterate

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A San Diego magnet school went into lockdown when one of their bright students brought in a science project with “wires” and empty plastic bottles. The idiots running our school system are responsible for this excessive post-9/11 paranoia and hysteria that is taking America down the path of technological illiteracy, where kids are treated like terrorists and discouraged from pursuing science and engineering careers. Something is wrong with this country when the 90% of the research staff at the company where I work are foreign-born immigrants.

The Third and The Seventh

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Southern California is the place to be this month. Today’s high temperature is close to the average. Better buy some orange juice futures….

Dean Martin – Baby, It’s Cold Outside.mp3

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