Shatner Does Palin

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You know that Sarah Palin lacks public speaking skills when William Shatner does a better job delivering her speech. Shatner rules!

Rob Enderle’s Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome

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Hours before Microsoft announced a year-over-year earnings drop of over one billion dollars accompanied by a 30% drop in revenues, Microsoft shill and Apple hater Rob Enderle predicted the following:

“I’m expecting some really good news in terms of outlook for [Microsoft]” 

Seriously, who pays this clown’s salary? The guy is a disgrace to his profession.

Eulogy for Eudora (the email client, not the writer)

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I have come here not to bury Eudora, but to praise it as my email client for the last seventeen years. Through the ups and downs of Apple history, from System 7 through Leopard, Eudora has been the one application I have used on a regular basis.

Eudora Eulogy

Two years ago, Qualcomm decided it was no longer profitable to maintain this high-quality email client and announced that future versions of Eudora would be based on Mozilla Thunderbird. Known as the Penelope project, the roadmap made sense and it was comforting to know that former Eudora programmers like Steve Dorner would be involved in development.

With the upcoming transition to Snow Leopard, chances were good that Eudora 6 would run, but I really wanted support for technologies like Address Book and better HTML
rendering, not to mention reduce the need to run PowerPC code under Rosetta emulation on my Intel Mac.

I tried to use the last few versions of Penelope and my messages could never quite make the transition correctly. I also tried Odysseus/MailForge, which was designed to please long-time Eudora users, but that too was unable to mport my messages and crashed too many times. I even tried Apple Mail with even less success. After all these years, I had accumulated over 85,000 messages spread out over 100 mailboxes, but each mailbox can be imported separately, and I was willing to import each one individually if it came to that.

So it was time to look for another email client. One of my requirements was that the client be able to store, or at least export, my messages in text format. I finally found a modern email client I feel best represents the Eudora spirit – GyazMail. It’s a commercial ($18) email client from a Japanese developer that uses the latest MacOS technologies, and stores mailboxes as separate files (Unix mbox import/export).

I have created a separate page showing what I did to import years of Eudora email into GyazMail. I did not import filters nor nicknames/address books. My filters are simple
and I had already duplicated my Eudora address book to Apple’s built-in Address Book database.

I’ve been using GyazMail for a week and so far has proven itself to be a worthy successor to Eudora. As long as it is well-maintained and updated, I’d like to keep using this email client for many years to come.

[Update – with apologies to my former English teachers. Eudora Welty was a great American author, and in no way does the Eudora email client rise above her.]

NO to Amazon Kindle

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A few days ago, I was seriously considering buying an Amazon Kindle since the price went from $359 to $299. However, this morning, I saw what DRM can do – hundreds of people who bought books by George Orwell found that Amazon had deleted their books and refunded the purchase price. So much for the idea of the Kindle being the electronic equivalent of a book. It is all the more ironic given the books in question.

Note the weasel words in the above article – Amazon says they are “changing our systems so that in the future we will not remove books from customers’ devices in these circumstances“.

Amazon, you just lost a sale. I will never buy anything with DRM from you again, unless you “change your system to that in the future you will not remove books from customer’s devices under any circumstances“.

Toys for Tots

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Later this year, parents will be looking to buy gifts this Christmas for children. If the current economic downturn continues to get worse, these toys may be what American children need, as they prepare for the jobs that will be available when they grow up – at least they will be able to start their careers early, as none of the jobs require a college degree.

Corruption vs. Incompetence

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The essence of the red-blue divide is that Republicans are much more forgiving of corruption, while Democrats are much more forgiving of incompetence. A smaller government usually results in more corruption, lacking the mechanisms and inefficiencies from big government. Big government usually results in the other extreme – incompetence – as seen by the problems facing California; however, there should be a system of checks and balances to ensure that the public are not cheated. Case in point are the recent scandals behind the two Republican governors Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin.

Financial shenanigans were used to cover up the former’s adultery, while the latter’s resignation is due to scandals related to the construction industry. The Palin scandal was noted as early as last October but was not pursued by the media due to GOP pressure. Alaska is a very Republican state with small government, and that has resulted in the state being run in ways that would make the Mafia blush.

iPhone + 2

July 3, 2009 at 10:28 am | Posted in Macintosh | 1 Comment

Apple is now dominant in the mobile phone space. It has control over both software and the hardware, has deployed a platform that can compete with both netbooks and laptops, and has eclipsed the following companies which were the major players BiP (Before iPhone), all in the space of *two* years.

Microsoft, Nokia, Symbian, Motorola, Palm, RIM

That is impressive by any standard.

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