Maker Faire 2009

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It has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things —
who have carried us up that long, rugged path towards
prosperity and freedom – Barack Obama, 2009

Eve Of Destruction

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So this is it – this is the test Biden warned that Obama would face. North Korea’s decision to  return the Korean peninsula to a state of war must be answered. The US and its’ allies must prepare for war – this means readying a response that can range from increased UN sanctions to tactical nuclear strikes on North Korean missile and artillery positions.

The last option may be needed since I’ve heard that over 20,000 artillery pieces are aimed at South Korea. This threat cannot be addressed by surgical air or missile strikes on heavily fortified mountain positions. However, the US must not follow the Bush-era policy of preemptive war, but a policy of no-first-strike. We have enough resources for any North Korean aggression.

What not to say: Blank

Pepsi Throwback Shortage

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It’s been getting harder and harder to find Pepsi Throwback in my neighborhood. I visited three supermarkets before finding one lonely 8-pack hidden deep within a pile of other Pepsi products – the cashier couldn’t believe that I found one. Come on Pepsi – make more and make it permanent. I love this stuff.

Last Throwback

Best Headshot

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The best and funniest headshot I’ve ever seen. What video game is this from?

Best Headshot

Apple Movie Widget Fail

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Here’s a programming bug from the Movie Dashboard widget from Apple – it seems that they’re not searching for a space after an article (e.g. “the”, “a”, “an”)  in the movie title of “Angels & Demons”:


Pepsi Throwback A++!

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I’ve been nursing my stash of Mexican Coke when the local Costco started having difficulty keeping them in stock. The local Safeway started selling Pepsi Throwback, but they were limiting purchases to two 8-packs for $3 each. After drinking my first one today, I’d have to give it a huge thumbs up over Coke. Too bad they’re only selling it until the end of June – so stock up and hope they change their minds.

Pepsi Throwback

BBQ Review

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I enjoy unpretentious food bloggers who don’t make a big deal or production of the places they review, but this one was interesting – the sausage didn’t know whether to hang out with the ribs or not – they kept tossing and turning and then the sliced beef entree showed up…

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