The Irrelevance of Microsoft

February 23, 2009 at 7:44 pm | Posted in Macintosh | 2 Comments

At long last, Microsoft has become irrelevant to my daily life. I don’t use their products at work, I don’t use their products at home, and no matter what they do in the various markets they influence, their idiocy doesn’t trickle down into my life. It was a very happy realization.


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  1. very happy but not very accurate realization. Dig deeper…. You can start with studying the butterfly effect theory or the history of computer science to realize the true relevance of MS to our lives. There are just a few software developing empires like MS that build the future of the technology, forget their broken Windows 🙂 that you are not using anymore 😉
    See the fast growing technology is being build on top of their ideas, and as the result of their visions. I am not a MS lover, neither a MAC lover but finally could convince myself to appreciate what both have done and are doing instead of thinking which one is better, so I buy their products

  2. I have no problem with positive contributions by Microsoft. Their contributions to the AJAX technique that makes Web 2.0 possible is appreciated. It’s only their products and business practices that stifle innovation and competition that I have a problem with. They’re welcome to put as much of their software under the GNU license as possible.

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