You Are Number Six

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Patrick McGoohan

Patrick McGoohan   1928-2009
“I am not a number, I am a free man!”

Battery “Innovation”

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Given the lackluster nature of last week’s Macworld keynote, I have decided not to watch it online. However, I did see the section of the keynote that explains Apple’s use of a non user-replaceable battery.

Once the Phil Schiller reality distortion field wears off, you then realize that this is exactly how cell phone batteries are made. What Apple has done is to justify the higher prices of the Macbook Pros (and the Macbook Air – the battery technology is a few years old) compared to the competition.

The innovation is not technical; Apple is simply willing to tradeoff the benefits of  sealed-vs-replaceable batteries. Once any company decides to go with a sealed battery, the solution won’t be any different from what Apple developed. I predict that Dell and HP will start their photocopiers and have sealed-battery laptop in six months.

NPR Headline

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One of their better headlines:

Is A Porn Bailout Necessary In Hard Times?

Oh yes it is 🙂

Macworld Loot

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Unlike last year’s haul, this year was more modest, as Apple and the tanking economy did not put people in a spendthrift mood. Total damage was limited to $75:

mwsf2009 loot

For $35, I got a copy of Aaron Hillegass’ Cocoa programming book, another $12 got me the Obama/OSX shirt, and going online to OWC snagged the USB 2.0 drive adapter for $25.

Laptop Desktop

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I recently had some computer problems and am using a Macbook as my primary computer. This picture shows why I’m shopping for a desktop. My need for bandwidth, screen real estate, and storage cannot be met by a laptop.

laptop desktop

More GOP Hypocrisy

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Even after getting their asses handed to them in the last election, the Republicans continue to be hypocrites; one of their standard talking points is that Democrats engage in class warfare.  Failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin now claims that Caroline Kennedy is getting a free pass from the press due to her social class and stature. That’s utter crap – I know a lot of Democrats who don’t think this Kennedy is worthy of a Senate appointment.

Macworld Predictions

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Here’s my predictions for tomorrows Macworld Expo keynote:

  1. New Mac mini – if the video capabilites are good enough, it might replace my current Mac
  2. Snow Leopard demo and release date
  3. New Macbook Pro 17″
  4. Steve Jobs will make his last keynote appearance via teleconference to show his One Last Thing, which could be either a new touchscreen device or big changes to his executive staff, including a possible sabbatical from Apple to serve in the Obama administration

Learning From History

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William M. Leuchtenberg’s “The Perils of Prosperity” (1958) chronicles America between the end of World War I and the election of Franklin Roosevelt; it gives the reader a sense of history repeating itself. The conservatism of the Roaring 20s was the foundation for the worldwide depression and war of the next two decades.

The critiques of American business and politics of the 1920’s applies just as much today as it did eighty years ago. Like those today struggling with real estate deflation and job losses, most people, and especially those who had the most influence and power, did not see the dangers until it was too late. One paragraph in his book neatly summarizes a lesson which 2000’s America has failed to learn:

“There was no single cause of the crash and the ensuing depression, but much of the responsibility for both falls on the foolhardy assumption that the special interests of business and the national interest were identical. The administration took the narrow interests of business groups to be the national interest, and the result was catastrophe.”

How can one read the above passage and not see the parallels between the Republican presidents of that time (Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover) and George W. Bush, and deny that their policies have brought another depression to our country? We are going to pay a heavy price for our failure to learn from history.

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