Battery “Innovation”

January 13, 2009 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Macintosh | Leave a comment

Given the lackluster nature of last week’s Macworld keynote, I have decided not to watch it online. However, I did see the section of the keynote that explains Apple’s use of a non user-replaceable battery.

Once the Phil Schiller reality distortion field wears off, you then realize that this is exactly how cell phone batteries are made. What Apple has done is to justify the higher prices of the Macbook Pros (and the Macbook Air – the battery technology is a few years old) compared to the competition.

The innovation is not technical; Apple is simply willing to tradeoff the benefits of  sealed-vs-replaceable batteries. Once any company decides to go with a sealed battery, the solution won’t be any different from what Apple developed. I predict that Dell and HP will start their photocopiers and have sealed-battery laptop in six months.

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