Two Million Jobs Lost

December 24, 2008 at 9:24 am | Posted in Politics, Rants | 3 Comments

Just as President Bush got two shoes as a parting gift from the Iraqi people, he has given an even worse parting gift to Americans – in the last four weeks, over two million people have lost their jobs. The sad part about this is that there is still one more month in his presidency. I estimate that between the time the economy started tanking earlier this year and Inauguration Day, at least six million people will have lost their jobs.

This is the Bush Legacy: Two Wars. Environmental Destruction. Economic Depression.

Worst. President. Ever.


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  1. I disagree about Bush being the worst president.

    It was Woodrow Wilson. Bush is just a drunken puppet.

    Under Woodrow Wilson’s watch America got:
    1) WWI, which led to Hitler + WWII + the cold war
    2) IRS
    3) Federal Reserve
    4) Almost 100 years of war + corruption

    Nevermind that Wilson regretted his actions. He did what he did. Truly he’s America’s worst president.

  2. You could say that it was the same group of people who manipulated Woodrow Wilson as those who are behind today’s shenanigans. The “House of Morgan” single-handedly pulled the US out of the depression of the late 1890s and as a favor to them and the rest of the banker robber barons, the US underwent a massive transfer of tax revenue from tariffs to income taxes and created the Fed to give Wall Street control of our money supply. Then as now, the Congress was fully bought and paid for by the Morgans, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts.

    Wilson was hamstrung by the isolationist Congress regarding the Treaty of Versailles, so I wouldn’t blame him for #1, but you are right that he is responsible for #2 and #3, and #4 really goes out to every president since then.

    See my other blog post about “The Perils of Prosperity”. It’s a fantastic read on what really went on from the end of WWI to the Great Depression. It was written in 1950’s, so there’s no bias to due today’s dirty political climate. History seems to be repeating itself.

  3. I read somewhere that WWI, before the US got involved, was winding down in a big stalemate. A truce would have been reached. But Wilson decided to involve the USA in the conflict, and that prolonged the war, drastically increased the death toll, and paved the way for ruinous war reparations that demoralized the German people, paving the way for a Hitler to take power…

    It’s nice to see more people becoming aware the business as usual is simply not possible anymore these days!

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