Close Call with Sarah Palin

November 6, 2008 at 9:46 pm | Posted in Politics | 1 Comment

As the election becomes the transition, seeing this video made me feel like we just dodged a bullet, much like the way the US must have felt after the Cuban Missile Crisis:

Who won this election for us? Katie Couric!

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  1. Biggest Political Feint Ever (from Daily Kos)

    Early October- Ed Rendell, Governor of PA, has an internal message “leaked” urging Obama to spend tons of time in PA because his internal polls show it a dead heat. At the time, I found this strange, because the discipline from the Obama campaign is unprecedented–they don’t let anything get out unless they WANT it to get out.

    Shortly after, McCain starts pouring time and resources into PA….He or Palin were there almost every day until the election. The McCain camp starts talking up their chances in PA.

    The Obama campaign appears slow to respond. Obama makes only a couple visits to PA and appears not to be taking the threat seriously at all….many on this board start freaking out about OMG why is Obama ignoring PA….

    Election Day; Obama wins PA, and it wasn’t…even….close…

    Seems pretty clear to me, that the Obama-orchestrated Rendell “leak” was designed to sap the McCain camp of $ and resources in a state the Obama campaign knew was 100% solid blue….

    And it worked.


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