Wachovia Wipeout

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Congratulations to the bipartisan effort that stopped the Wall Street Bailout today. Wall Street has declared war on Main Street, threatening our financial futures. I say fuck ’em all – if they threaten to hurt the economy, I would advocate the criminal prosecution of executives and nationalization to wipeout the shareholders. Bankruptcy before Bailout!


GOP Doublespeak – Fiscal Conservative

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John McCain – Treacherous Coward?

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My mother always told me that when you talk to people, you should look at them in the eye, lest they look upon you as treacherous. At last Friday’s presidential debate, John McCain showed his true colors – he hardly looked at Barack Obama, even when making good points against the Democrat. To me, such a person cannot be given the trust of running our country. McCain also looked afraid, not approaching Obama directly but circling around the podium, much like a laughing hyena or vulture approaches his prey.

John McCain symbolizes what America has become after eight years of Republican rule – obnoxious, intolerant, and unwilling to directly interact with those who disagree with him. Barack Obama symbolizes what America would like to be – eloquent, rational, and able to have a civil relationship with those who disagree with him.

In these uncertain times, we need someone more like Obama and less like Bush^H^H^H^HMcCain.

[Update: I am not questioning or doubting McCain as a soldier/airman/war hero, just what he has been doing as a politician.]

Whoo Hoo!

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John McCain on Health Insurance

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“Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation.” – John McCain, 2008

New Honda Insight

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Either Honda has pulled a Microsoft and copied the leader in hybrid cars or it shows that there really is an optimal shape for hybrid hatchbacks (mouse over). At least the Honda wheels are nicer-looking.

Falling Off a Cliff

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All the recent stock collapses within the financial industry show a very similar trend – the shapes below for all the big companies that have collapsed all show a lack of transparency as management assures the public and their investors that all is well until they fall off a cliff. No transparency leads to no confidence leads to no capital. In some countries, this would put many of Wall Street’s titans on death row.






Microsoft’s Ad Campaign Implodes

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It appears that Microsoft’s new marketing campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld is a bust. Instead of trying to do something original, Microsoft has reverted to their standard operating procedure and will now begin copying Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads. I hope they hire John Hodgman – he’ll make a killing being in both ad campaigns.

Another Day, Another Bailout

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It doesn’t matter whether or not the government decides to pull a reverse Robin Hood – the end result is the same:

 Death to Lehman

Tomorrow will be AIGs turn. Burn baby burn!!

Line In The Sand

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Many of the decisions that will be affecting Americans’ finances for the next decade or two are now being conducted on weekends behind closed doors instead of during business hours. It seems that every weekend, the government is in discussions on how to bail out the financial industry. Never mind that years of GOP mismanagement and a laissez-faire policy that eliminated regulations brought us to this point – it’s the fact that such help never arrived for the truly value-added industries in this country that could have used this kind of cash infusion – our manufacturing and energy industries. Things can only get worse as the government has become the last refuge of the corrupt robber barons of our age; the “moral hazard” that we have been warned against is here.

The above article says that the government is drawing a line in the sand regarding the possible rescue of Lehman, and that’s exactly the problem – they keep drawing the line further and further back.

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