Bush To Dick

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Stolen from Digg:

Bush: We’re stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, trashed the housing market, started a major financial crisis, tripled the price of gas, food, healthcare, and college education, shredded our civil liberties so we can spy on our own people… Dick, we’ve accomplished so much but we’ve got so little time left. What can we do to complete this picture?

Dick: I know! Let’s start a war with Russia!!!

Georgia-Russia War Explained

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Bears and War

$1 House

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The housing crisis has gotten so bad that in a Detroit neighborhood, houses are being offered for $1.

Colpaert declined to provide the name of the prospective purchaser, because the deal had not been through closing. The agent did say that the buyer agreed to pay the full list price of $1, and planned to pay cash.

That’s only because the buyer had a hard time qualifying for a mortgage 🙂

BBQ nostalgia

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What is lacking in my new digs is a good nearby BBQ joint. It is with fond memories that I link to the best BBQ ribs in Southern California. Of these, #1 is probably Phillips at Leimert Park in South-Central Los Angeles. There is a chance of getting shot, carjacked, or both, but I’ve been there at least three times when I used to drive from Torrance to Pasadena. However, since I lived closer in OC, it was better for me to frequent Blake’s Place in Anaheim, which received good reviews from OC Weekly.

GOP Lie Of The Day

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If Republicans had their way, we’d be in Orwell’s 1984 or some other totalitarian state where history gets rewritten every day. Today’s GOP Lie-Of-The-Day is that McCain supported the creation of the Martin Luther King Jr. federal and state holidays.

In a vote likely to haunt him for the rest of his public career, McCain voted against 1983 legislation establishing the third Monday in January as the federal holiday marking King’s birthday.

I guess we can blame this on McCain’s youthful indiscretion when he was a 48-year old fossil.



Segway Killer

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Leave it to the Japanese to take an American invention such as the Segway and make it cheaper, smaller, and cool-looking. The best ideas and innovations still come from small American companies but it takes large Japanese conglomerates to make  them profitable and available at Walmart:

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