Another Mac Switcher

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The Road To Socialism

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All the things the Bush administration has done has come down to one conclusion to make us all shudder – America is going down the path to a socialist economy, and there is little doubt that the remainder of the Bush presidency will help ensure that future, no matter who becomes the next president.

Government is not just simply overseeing businesses and entire industries, but is setting itself up to be the provider of last resort. Taxes, inflation, and prices will all rise – the question is what kind of recession should we prepare ourselves for – 1974 or 1929?

iPhone? No Thanks!

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As much as I love most things Apple, the iPhone is not one of them, since I am not a heavy cell phone user. The upcoming iPhone 3G is a worse deal than the previous model, with an increase in the unlimited data plan and a $5 surcharge for SMS.

My preferred cell phone is a Nokia with T-Mobile prepaid. I calculated usage for the last three months and my average monthly cost is $5 (50 minutes). I can double my talk time and include the cost of the iTouch software updates and it’s still less than the $70 a month AT&T wants, and my minutes don’t expire for a year.

Having a Nokia and an iTouch in my pocket leaves enough room to hold $65 in small bills. Every month.

Let’s Screw America

July 2, 2008 at 9:27 pm | Posted in Fun Outdoors, Politics | Leave a comment

Chrysler has been advertising their $2.99 gas guarantee on selected models for the first 3 years/36,000 miles. However, a simple economic analysis shows that the deal is a bad one for the consumer, especially when compared to the Prius or other hybrid cars:

                 Dodge             Prius
                 (24 mpg)          (48 mpg)

Initial cost       *
Fuel Cost                            *
Maintenance                          *
Resale Value                         *

If we compare similarly equipped cars, it reduces the difference in initial cost. Sounds like a Mac/PC debate 🙂

It’s discouraging to see American companies using these sleight-of-hand tactics. Instead of “Let’s Refuel America”, let’s try creating competitive products that addresses many of our problems.

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