Bank of America Bailout

February 24, 2008 at 8:21 pm | Posted in Politics, Rants | 6 Comments

As the housing and credit crisis deepens, we see that many of these supposed “engines of the American economy” are the moral and ethical equivalent of Cadillac-driving welfare queens. A NYT story outlines Bank of America’s attempt to get a taxpayer-funded bailout. 739 billion dollars is a lot of money – in fact, it’s probably close to what we’ve spent in Iraq. We got nothing from that war and we’re going to get nothing from this bailout.

Here’s a suggestion for Bank of America – fuck you, whore yourselves to an overseas sovereign fund, and strike America from your name.


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  1. I hope that those coporate bastards at Bank of America enjoy my fucking hard earned money. Ridiculous check fees and overdraft charges. I hope you fucking people go BROKE!!!

    I’ll never do business with you thugs and greedy shits again.

  2. Take your money and move it to places like ING Direct – they give better rates. Then you just move a little money into your BoA checking account once in a while to take advantage of their ATM network.

    They are scum – they take the bailout money as a substitute for the money they are losing in the mortgage bust. They aren’t passing the money to their customers. Then they make more money if the economy improves.

    Like all Republican-controlled institutions, the Fed steals from the poor and gives to the rich.

  3. YOU ARE A MORON. Bank of America has not received a dime!!!! The entire bailout was $850 billion with $150 billion in pork included for all financial institutions, NOT Bank of America. That is libel and you look incredibly stupid, and you are.

  4. You should read the original NYT article and other news articles – BofA did receive bailout money. We saw this coming a year ago and took action – did you?

  5. Given enough time, the truth eventually comes out:

    Here’s the relevant quote:

    In mid-December, the WSJ tells us, Bank of America (BAC) went to Hank Paulson and threatened that if he didn’t give the firm another TARP bailout, they’d abandon the Merrill Lynch deal and cripple the financial system. Paulson then apparently spent more money he didn’t have, promising that he would rescue BAC yet again. (This a month or so after an annoyed Ken Lewis said he didn’t want or need the original TARP infusion).

    There is only one word to describe this: Outrageous. Aaron and I discuss what happened in the accompanying piece with Joe Nocera, Business Columnist for the New York Times. Talking about the nation’s banking system, Nocera sums it up nicely: They’re “not on our side.”


    So, Tom #3, you truly are a fucking first-class asshole, and probably an inbred Republican to boot.

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