Dead Woman Talking

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This original interview has been edited by the BBC to eliminate the section referring to the murder of the Al-Qaeda leader (@ 2:15 min). One has to ask why this hasn’t been seen or mentioned in the American media.

Walmart and DRM

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Walmart once again screws their customers, this time through DRM. By cancelling their video download service, customers who bought DRM-protected movies are now orphaned. They cannot move their content to their next computer or media player, essentially forcing them to repurchase the content later. At least Apple’s DRM allows you to authorize/deauthorize licensed computers and shows why Microsoft-based solutions are inferior.
From their FAQ:

What happens if I purchase another computer and would like to use it to play my videos?
You cannot play your videos on another computer. You can only play your videos on the computer you used to download the video files.

Here’s a better translation:

Dear Walmart customer:
You’re fucked.

The Management


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The day CompUSA announced they would close all their stores by the end of the year, my Macbook hard drive decided to call it quits. I went to the nearest CompUSA and got myself a 160Gb replacement drive for under $90. One reason they’re going out of business – I waited over 30 minutes just to have someone open locked cabinets to get notebook hard drives, even though they were in large boxes that made them difficult to steal. Second reason – their Apple mini-store wasn’t in good shape – they didn’t have any iMacs on sale. Still, it’s sad to see CompUSA go, having good and bad experiences with them over the past 20+ years.

The Collapse

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So that’s how Cal commemorates the 25th anniversary of The Play – start the season 5-0 ranked #2 in the BCS and end with a 6-6 record.

The worst thing that can happen to Cal now is to be invited to a bowl game, because I don’t think this team can beat anyone. Losing to two teams (UCLA, Stanford) that themselves lost to Notre Dame in their worst-ever season leaves emotional scars that won’t heal anytime soon. And today’s Big Game showed that mental state trumps physical talent every time.

[Update: The final Pac-10 standings puts Cal in a 7th place tie with WSU and Stanford. Any bowl bid at this time should be considered the first practice game for next season.]

[Update 2: Looks like the Armed Forces Bowl liked Cal’s 6-6 overall record instead of Arizona’s 5-7, even though AZ finished ahead in the conference. Should make for an interesting game, given the left-wing tradition of Berkeley going up against a military academy.]

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