Save the Mac Mini

June 1, 2007 at 8:24 am | Posted in Macintosh | 1 Comment

Recent rumors have the Mac Mini going the way of the G4 Cube and dodo. That’s really too bad, since a Mac Mini is perfect as a second computer; it can be used as a server, a compute node, a media center (more capable than an Apple TV), and many other applications.
I recently took my G4 Mac Mini and installed Ubuntu 7.04 Server. Installation was straightforward and in a couple of hours, I had the following services running:

  • Web
  • P2P
  • SSH (secure logins)
  • File (accessible via rsync and MacFUSE)
  • CVS (source code control)
  • Webmin (system administration)

An added benefit was a speedup of my primary desktop computer for web development since I now have a server on the local network instead of having to go through my ISP. The Mac Mini may serve a niche too small for Apple, but without it, I would have been forced to use a small-form-factor PC that could never match the Mini’s size and quiet.

Mac Mini


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  1. I too vouch for the mac mini. I used mine as a secong computer. I hooked it up to my 32 in hdtv. The picture is great. I have front row and can play movies. I networked it too my windows computer and have 500 gb of storage. Plus I learned how to use MAC OS X. I just bought a MAC PRO last week. My only regret was i didn’t buy a mini with the super drive. The mac mini is the perfect computer to me. I hope it dosen’t go away. I was looking forward to buying a another next generation.

    Please Apple keep it. Pus it looks so good on top of my xbox 360!

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