ABC News – Ethically Challenged

May 8, 2007 at 8:00 pm | Posted in Politics | 3 Comments

Comments and forums are usually intended to promote discussion of relevant topics. If a corporation is going to have a discussion board, they should be prepared to accept the fact that people will disagree and will sometimes go off-topic, just like in real life. ABC News’ handling of the Ron Paul effect has only one casualty – ABCs integrity and ethics.

Whether Ron Paul has the overwhelming support of Americans is not the issue anymore; I certainly don’t think he has 90% support to John McCain’s 5% which some online polls are showing.

The issue now is whether a news organization can arbitrarily remove posts, ban users, and piss off their customers and viewers while at the same time promoting their website as the place for serious political discussion.

ABC News forum lie
ABC News falsely claims their forum gives you a chance to be heard. Many users have had their posts removed or their accounts suspended.

ABC has clearly shown that, under pressure, they lack integrity and ethics. What they are doing now is shameful to the memories and achievements of Peter Jennings and Ted Koppel.

[Update: Here is a screenshot showing posts that will probably be deleted by ABC in a few hours]


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  1. Thanks to the Internet, these ABC-type folks are losing their grip.

    Now that we have blogs and YouTube, a monopolitic media can no longer hand select a few candidates whom they agree with.

    Thank you Al Gore.

  2. If each of us will just take 5 minutes a day to work towards something we believe in, we can dismantle the corruption that seems to be pervasive in corporations and government. Unlike ABC/FOX/CNN, the Internet is democratic and inclusive. Let’s keep the pressure on the mainstream media to get the story correct.

    I’d have to disagree with Al Gore inventing the Internet 🙂

  3. I have been witnessing this as well and was one of the first posters of the article. When I came home from my lunch break it was up to 357 comments; by dinnertime it was down to 4.

    Now “ron paul effect” does not show up in the Google results in the form of the original ABC article by Rick Klein.

    I think they buried the article; please read my blog on the matter:

    Thanks for your blog as well!

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