Bill Kristol Quote

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The government is awash in scandals that put Watergate and Teapot Dome to shame, but the real shame is that a lot of the talking heads on TV are not being held to account for their predictions. Tom Tomorrow has a great cartoon with selected quotes. Here’s my favorite from that gasbag William Kristol:

William Kristol - Idiot

Crude Awakening Movie

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This upcoming movie makes “An Inconvenient Truth” a story of hope and optimism:

Brain Age Math

April 22, 2007 at 12:49 pm | Posted in Fun Indoors | 2 Comments

I’ve been playing Brain Age on the Nintendo DS for the past couple of months, and recently broke the 10-second barrier in Calculationsx20. I’m now as fast in math as Carl Lewis is in the 100-meter 🙂 However, I think the world record is 8.X seconds.

Brain Age Record

Introducing iTheme

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In case you haven’t noticed, I have changed the blog theme to iTheme. This theme is Mac-like, supports WordPress widgets, and keeps track of your view preferences. Later on, I’d like to add a theme selector since I also like GlossyBlue.

War Czar?

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In another sign of desperation, the White House is shopping around the job of “War Czar” to manage the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So far, retired generals are smart enough to decline the job. This is a job with no real power – the purpose is to insulate the President further from his responsibilities and to provide additional cover should the Iraq occupation go from debacle to catastrophe.

Ideal vs. Reality vs. Nightmare

Happy Easter

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In a world that seems to be full of bad news, there’s always music to make you feel good if only for a few minutes.

And from a cross they say you give your love to everyone
I think of all I’ve done
And still you care for me
Your love
You give it away
I fall to my knees and I pray

Protected: Best BSG Scene

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The last episode of this seasons Battlestar Galactica redeemed the story which seemed to have been drifting the last five or six episodes. The best scene of the season was Lee Adama’s speech at the trial of Gaius Baltar. Like all good art, BSGs fictional universe mirrors our own and makes us think about difficult questions.

This show and this scene deserves an Emmy.

The End of DRM?

April 1, 2007 at 10:37 pm | Posted in Technology | 2 Comments

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the EMI music label may be the first to start selling music downloads without DRM. Let’s hope this is the start of a trend that will end in the dismantling of the RIAA cartel. Rumors of EMI dropping DRM appeared two months ago. Since then, there has been a struggle between Apple and the RIAA to influence EMIs direction. It appears that Steve Jobs has won again.

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