Zune Disappoints

November 10, 2006 at 11:16 am | Posted in Rants, Technology | Leave a comment

Even if Microsoft were to make their Zune system as good as the iPod, many aspects of their business model treat the customer like an idiot and criminal.

Customers are Idiots: Microsoft is engaging in deceptive marketing by selling songs in terms of points. Each “point” is slightly more than 1 cent, making a 99 cent song worth 79 “points”. In addition, you have to buy points in 500-point blocks. I suppose Micosoft needs to float their customers money because they aren’t making enough with their cash holdings. After giving their PlaysForSure customers and partners the shaft, why would anyone trust them this time? Zune is only version 2.0 and we all know they don’t get it right until version 3.0.

Customers are Criminals: By far the worst aspect of Zune is that a portion of each player goes to the music companies to offset real or imagined losses due to piracy. If Microsoft were really serious about this, they should have disabled playback of all non-DRM files in the Zune. I say that if you buy a Zune, you should not feel guilty about downloading anything on the Internet.

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