Republican Cronyism Part 2581

February 11, 2006 at 2:35 pm | Posted in Politics, Technology | Leave a comment

Lately, the president has been touting the use of technology to reduce our addiction to oil, but it’s more important to look at his actions rather than his words.

If there ever was evidence of the anti-science nature of the Bush Administration, you just have to read this incredible article about the credentials of a public NASA official. George Deutsch is a political appointee who has tried to put a right-wing spin on an agency whose science efforts have, until now, been free from political influence. Of course, NASA issues on funding and budgets are highly political, as they are part of the government.

I have absolutely no faith that we will ever become less dependent on foreign oil, nor make any progress in our space program, until we get rid of the failed oilman in the White House. Scientific progress is being hurt by Bush’s political corruption and cronyism.

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