Merrill Lynch Cribs OpenDoc

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I was watching the last day of the Winter Olympics and saw Merrill Lynch advertising their “Total Merrill” program. I saw their logo and, as a Mac veteran, instantly noticed that they had taken some inspiration from abandoned Apple technology:


MacBook Pro Logic Board

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Check out this high resolution picture of the MacBook Pro logic board. I estimate that it’s about 10.5″ by 4″, but is actually much less due to cutouts for the fan and other parts. Say what you will about overpriced Apple gear, but this is a challenge for other notebook makers.

Too bad they forgot to blot out the serial number – this is definitely now out of warranty 🙂

“24″ Alarm Clock

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24 ClockHere’s an alarm clock for fans of “24” – it has the same orange LED segments as the TV show. I like the look, but not the price.

Bill and Jason

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Bill Gates spreads some of his famous FUD on the Nintendo Revolution console that competes with the XBox 360 and PS3:

Nintendo� You�ve got to give it to them. They march to the beat of a different drummer. Sometimes that makes them incredibly right and sometimes that makes them incredibly wrong.

Nintendo must be doing something right, since Jason Jones, creator of Marathon and Halo (and a Microsoft employee) has expressed an interest in developing for the Revolution.

Republican Cronyism Part 2580

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The Bush Administration is just as cavalier about a potential flu pandemic as it was about an approaching hurricane. An interesting story from Milwaukee tells us who’s in charge of the government’s reponse to public health emergencies. I realize running Amtrak is better on your resume than judging Arabian horses, but what does that have to do with protecting public health?

[Update: I wrote this last year but forgot about it until today when bloggers took out NASA appointee George Deutsch]

Republican Cronyism Part 2581

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Lately, the president has been touting the use of technology to reduce our addiction to oil, but it’s more important to look at his actions rather than his words.

If there ever was evidence of the anti-science nature of the Bush Administration, you just have to read this incredible article about the credentials of a public NASA official. George Deutsch is a political appointee who has tried to put a right-wing spin on an agency whose science efforts have, until now, been free from political influence. Of course, NASA issues on funding and budgets are highly political, as they are part of the government.

I have absolutely no faith that we will ever become less dependent on foreign oil, nor make any progress in our space program, until we get rid of the failed oilman in the White House. Scientific progress is being hurt by Bush’s political corruption and cronyism.

Hyperlink Movies

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Jason Kottke’s review of Syriana describes a film genre that presents the viewer with parallel storylines that become more interesting and complex as they intersect.

Many of my favorite movies (Pulp Fiction, Sin City, Crash) and the TV show 24 are of this type. The better ones are the ones that don’t have a nicely-wrapped up ending, leaving it to the viewer to make their own conclusions. For a current-events movie like Syriana, it was the right thing to do, lest those involved be treated like cartoonists in the Middle East or as scientists in America.

Microsoft Does Not Innovate

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Despite what the Microsoft spin doctors and marketing will tell you, they simply cannot innovate. Jason Cross at ExtremeTech has reluctantly switched to the Apple/iPod system despite its closed nature simply because Microsoft and their PlaysForSure partners have not delivered the kind of experience that Apple provides.

He talks to MS people who have simply no answers to his questions regarding Podcasting, sharing, and video, all features currently available from Apple. This is the key quote that proves that Microsoft is nothing more than a talentless copycat with no taste, and more importantly, no imagination:

Microsoft should be aiming at where they think Apple will be in a year. Instead, their next-generation music offering seems to be striving to do 80% of what iTunes already offers.

New Clockface

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Sol Widget

Sol is a Dashboard widget that shows the relative amount of sunlight and where we are in a given day. 24-hour clocks have not been popular, but adding the day/night boundaries might help. I suppose you can add a minute hand, but wouldn’t it be nice to slow down the pace of this hectic world? We should increase our “time quantization” from 1 minute to 10 minutes or more.

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