One Terabyte

December 4, 2005 at 9:04 pm | Posted in Macintosh | 4 Comments

By taking advantage of Black Friday deals on hard drives, I have assembled over 1 Terabyte of local storage:

The drives are stacked in the order I got them over the past three years. First came a 160 Gb Maxtor to backup my iMacs 80Gb drive. Then came a 250 Gb Western Digital to hold my music, movies, and other “entertainment”. The third drive is an identical 250 Gb WD drive which over the weekend was setup to a RAID 1 configuration with the second drive. The fourth drive is a 300Gb Maxtor for backup. I got the third and fourth drives last weekend. In addition, I have offsite backups to DVDs, iPods, and external drives.

Technically, I don’t have 1Tb of usable storage due to the mirrored pair, but I do have that much disk space.

The next step is to create an offsite online backup using


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  1. What type/brand of drive enclosure is that? Those are separate drive enclosures, right? How is the noise level for the entire setup?

  2. The enclosures are from OWC:

    They’re all kinds – FW only, FW+USB, and USB only. I usually get just the enclosures (between $30-$60) and get my own drives whenever a deal shows up.

    These are fanless enclosures with external power supplies – select your drives carefully if you want quiet 🙂

  3. Any storage solution update in the 3+ years since this blog post?

  4. I’ve got about 2 terabytes right now – the 300Gb+250Gb from above and have added a 750Gb and a 500Gb. Add the 160Gb internal on my Mac and I’ve got just under 2Tb, and that’s not counting the 300Gb spread out across 6 bare drives.

    I only have two of the four cases above. One broke down and I don’t know where the other one is.

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