Why iPod > PSP

November 1, 2005 at 9:31 pm | Posted in Macintosh, Rants, Technology | 1 Comment

Even though both Apple and Sony have proprietary tendencies, both are trying to make their iPod and PSP products more computer-friendly, since the computer is the hub that contains a massive amount of content (I have about 800 Gigs of storage over four hard drives). In that sense, Sony’s Windows-only approach to support PSP as a PC/Mac peripheral will lose to Apple’s more mature and cross-platform support found in the iPod.

It’s already a given that a large amount of user-created content is done by people who use a Mac, and the fact that the PSP treats the Mac as a second-class citizen will ensure that the PSP will always be second-class to the iPod.

This is happening in Internet time, so Sony better act fast. Or die trying.

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  1. Sony figures it’s not enough to shoot itself in the foot and goes right for the head:

    Sony backtracks on rootkit after consumer outrage

    From now on, all future Sony music will be downloaded off Bittorrent, since it won’t be any more dangerous than buying CDs. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving company.

    This thread has a good discussion on how even though Microsoft and Apple have proprietary OSs, they at least have not done what Sony has done with this rootkit. Sony will NEVER be able to sell any software, let alone an operating system for their (well-designed) hardware since they have now lost the trust of their customers.

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