Apple Mecca

October 30, 2005 at 3:03 pm | Posted in Fun Outdoors, Macintosh | 11 Comments

AppleInsider reports that the most magnificent Apple Store is being built in Manhattan. The store will be underground, but at street level, a silver-and-glass cube will mark the entrance. Mac users are known for having a religioius zeal for their platform, so it’s fitting that during construction, the Apple Store cube has a strong resemblance to an actual religious monument.


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  1. This touches the feeling of one fifth the human beings living on our planet in a negative way. There should be another design for such building if we are agreeing on respect of human beings and their rights.

  2. There was no protest or disagreement with the building when it was being built. It looked like the Ka’bah during construction, but now it is clearly not an insult to Islam. I suppose they could have been more politically correct and used a white cloth during construction.

  3. i agree said now it does not look like al ka3ba , but i found on many sites articles about that this place will be like al Ka3ba that it will be open 24/7 and this was very direct comparison that should be stopped and they must know that they can not use this type of comparisons , so is see that we should take an action but to the right direction,who have started this comparison and what will be our action against them

  4. Muslims respect other religons. They never insult or irritate others insulting their religions.

    However muslims are frequently harassed by some uncultured people who does not like peace, who does not want people live happily. Some time this uncultured people use their skills to make corruption in the world between community like drawing/publishing cartoons, hurting the feelings of muslims. Eventhough muslims never hurt their feelings.

    So we ask you to rename it something else instead of apple mecca. Donot be one of the corrupters in this world.

  5. hi
    if apple take a kaaba for form theris no problem here. because
    1- symbol of islam can be used in every time and every space this o force of islam symbol
    2- the cube is a perfect form in geometrie so it s normal that the humanitie can used that
    3- wuy it no a muslim (ingenieur) who create a computer in a form of cube or another thimg locked the arab land in the golf take construction for american, germanic, french architect and noproject theris a name of arabic architecte and why no body inthis region can understand the power of this form a cube simple efficacity why this people want to do like occidental and d ont use what we have i think it s not a occidental people the propblem it s a arab of the golf region a big stupid!!! iraki people and palestinian not include.

  6. the ka3ba is muslims direction to prey, we never insult other religions, would the christiand be ok if i built a church and sold video games inside it

  7. > would the christiand be ok if i built a church and sold video games inside it

    They are already selling video games in churches. Click here for more information.

  8. this is a disgrace to the muslim cammunity
    how could something like music be promoted by the holly kaba when in islam, they dont approve to music. so i find this really affencesive

  9. First of all I dont think there is anything that really needs to be offended about.
    “Mecca” is a commonly used term in english language now, just like ” guru” .
    As far as the structure, usually nations take pride in their buildings and monuments. If someone at apples is impressed by kaba so much that they want to use the same shape I dont think that muslims have that shape registered to their name. I think we forget that Islam is a universal religion and it came for every nation and every place.

    As far as music in Islam, I think it is not forbidden at all, just the wrong kind of music that makes you crazy.
    Music is allowed in Islam as long as it is peaceful and limited to one’s pleasure … not so loud that your neighbors are being bothered with it.

    I am sure if any muslim wants to build a building and sell anything in it. He or she wont pick any religious shape or figure. To muslims, these things mean a lot but to others, they dont signify much.

    I think we are making a mountain out of a mole.

  10. i think this is out of order, due to the fact that not a lot muslims would have known about this building being built, i did not find out til the other day, most of you people need to read up about Islam and then ull have some form of knowledge!!!

    maybe 1 day ull learn to act like real humans and not puppets!!


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