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A good story, with a sad ending, of one Michael Larsen, who hacked the Press Your Luck game show. Even though he won a lot of money, he wasn’t as smart as Ken Jennings and eventually lost it all.

Ditty vs. Shuffle

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John Gruber’s comments about the new Dell DJ Ditty shows that for consumer electronics, style and design have a much higher value to the consumer. Dell is only a computer company whose purpose is to ship bland hardware with lousy software.

A visit to Dell’s site to start buying a Ditty shows why they aren’t too proud of their product. They nickel-and-dime you by offering only the base unit for $99. To actually make it work and sound like an iPod, you’ll have to buy upgraded headphones, software, and warranty, which makes it in the end cost more than the $99 base iPod shuffle. And you still don’t have the quality and maturity of iTunes (both software and the music store).

Prius Mods

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Over the weekend, I performed a few improvements to my Prius. The first upgrade was to install a leather steering wheel cover – I found the Prius’ steering wheel to be too much like holding on to a roll of sandpaper. I found the EuroTone from Wheelskins for about $35. The leather is very high quality and feels good, even though it makes the steering wheel a bit thicker than I’d like.

The second upgrade was to install a polyurethane rear bumper protector. This prevents the bumper from being scratched by moving stuff in and out of the rear hatch. This is a genuine Toyota part which, unlike the car itself, I got at invoice price ($40) from Metro Toyota.

Zoom. Zoom.

What Goes Around Comes Around

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In the corporate world, business conversations are usually civil and politically correct, even if the underlying rationale is immoral and corrupt. Why would anyone do business with child-like Microsoft executives? Last week, Bill Gates threw a temper tantrum accusing China of doing the same thing to Microsoft that CEO Ballmer promised to do to Google the week before.

They would not be saying these things if they had thought of the the many companies and people Microsoft has screwed over the past two decades. Karma’s a bitch.

Fawlty Towers

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I’ve always considered this scene from Fawlty Towers to be the best of the bunch. Enjoy (2.5Mb QuickTime movie)

One Week of Tragedy

September 5, 2005 at 8:21 pm | Posted in Politics, Rants | 2 Comments

It’s been one week since Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi hard. I did not know anybody who was affected by Katrina, but everyone has seen the disgraceful federal, state, and local reaction to the disaster.

The most anger-provoking scene I’ve seen this past week was FEMA head Michael Brown acting like a deer caught in the headlights when presented with the ever more distressing reports of the misery and death of Gulf Coast residents. He is a typical party apparatchik – clueless and totally unqualified for the job. He should resign immediately.

We have to realize that this administration is fighting two wars. We can win the War On Terror, but there is no way in hell Bush can win the War On Our Envrionment. His policies can only ensure more Katrinas in our future. We’re going way past the 9/11 body count on this one. This time, nobody can say that they didn’t see this one coming:

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