Buying from the Competition

May 26, 2005 at 8:01 pm | Posted in Macintosh | Leave a comment

It’s not often that a CEO engages in a candid conversation with reporters. Yesterday, in an article on the Wall Street Journal, Intel CEO Paul Otellini laments the pervasive insecurity of the Wintel platform.

“If you want to fix it tomorrow, maybe you should buy something else.”

Since he’s not talking about software, it can only mean one thing – get a Macintosh.

Blogging is for Losers

May 25, 2005 at 7:07 pm | Posted in Macintosh | Leave a comment

Interesting thought why Microsoft people blog and why Apple employees don’t.

However, I believe that’s only in terms of work-related blogging. Personal blogs are a different matter – everyone has a different reason why they do this. I use it to keep track of my online wanderings, whether there’s an audience or not.

Piracy at Warp Speed

May 19, 2005 at 10:03 pm | Posted in Fun Indoors | Leave a comment

At 6pm yesterday, I passed by a movie theater out here in the ‘burbs and saw a long line of people waiting for the midnight showing of Star Wars III. Less than 24 hours after they were allowed into the theater, pirated copies are available on the various file sharing networks.

Too bad that the RIAA and MPAA minions of the Dark Side still don’t realize that all the piracy in the world won’t even make a dent in the popularity or profitability of this movie.

As for me, I’m waiting until after Memorial Day.

Kingdom of Heaven (not a movie review)

May 14, 2005 at 8:07 pm | Posted in Fun Indoors | Leave a comment

I saw “Kingdom of Heaven” and its portrayal of the Knights Templar as religious fanatics that make Inquisition Jesuits look like altar boys. A large shimmering cross in film accompanying the Christian armies appears strange at first, but Ridley Scott had read up on history:

Their secret power was supposedly that they held possession of a piece of the true cross of the crucifixion of Christ … they were said to have never lost a battle while in possession of the Cross.

They eventually lost the Cross in the battle of Hattin in 1187 to the Muslim Saladin. After marching on July 2nd, the Templars were surrounded and cut off from water supplies. On July 4th, they broke ranks in thirst and panic, abandoned the encampment and the Cross, and were wiped out by Muslim forces.

The above comes from a tinfoil-hat conspiracy site that links the Templars to the Freemasons, Founding Fathers, NASA, the 9/11/2001 attacks and, last but not least, Armageddon.

With that kind of intro, how can you not want to spend 15 minutes with some good entertainment? I found the astrological mumbo-jumbo boring, but the conspiracy theorist in me had some fun.

Small Comfort

May 14, 2005 at 10:53 am | Posted in Politics, Rants | Leave a comment

Straight talking Secretary of State Rice gives us this gem of a quote regarding allegations of desecration of holy texts:

“Our military authorities are investigating these allegations fully. If they are proven true, we will take appropriate action. … Guaranteeing religious rights is of great personal importance to the president and to me.”

It’s really nice to know that the First Amendment is applied to Guantanamo Bay detainees; they get time to pray and a copy of the Quran. Now how about applying some of the other Amendments so we can send the innocent home and punish the guilty? We shouldn’t be keeping them as long as some other countries.

Odometer milestone

May 8, 2005 at 8:44 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment

Driving a bit around town this weekend and managed to have my camera to catch this milestone on my car yesterday, after 6.5 years when I picked it up with 30 miles on it. Unfortunately with cars like these, there’s always bad news to go with the good – the window regulator broke and I’m looking at a $200 repair. It’s these kinds of issues that have me looking for my next car with two criteria in mind – reliability and a good driving feel (a.k.a. rear-wheel drive). I will have to consider offerings from Lexus and Infiniti in addition to the Bavarian incumbent.

Ultimate Protection

May 1, 2005 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Fun Indoors, Humor (G- and R- rated) | Leave a comment

Forget guns, mace, and sirens. Here is the ultimate defense against rape. The mere sight of such devices being sold all over the place will drop the number of rape incidents by 100% or more. As for married couples, I guess it’s an incentive for the man to take his time to make the woman happy. 🙂

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