Battlestar Galactica The Series

January 21, 2005 at 11:45 pm | Posted in Fun Indoors | 2 Comments

Over a year ago, I posted doubts about the new Battlestar Galactica series from SciFi Channel.

Having seen the 2-episode miniseries in 2003 and the first two episodes, I take back my doubts. The new series is fantastic – plot and characters are well-developed, and the series has a story arc reminiscent of Babylon 5. I believe that the show creators are going to do something very interesting to the Cylons and Cylon philosophy, since they are the ones radically different from the original series. They aren’t the mindless robots portrayed in the original show; they are more advanced than humans and may actually be an example of a limited singularity. I also suspect the producers may also be making a political commentary, but I will leave that speculation to others.

In the new series, Richard Hatch (who played the role of Apollo in the original) plays a very interesting character. Depending on your point of view, he’s either a political prisoner or a terrorist. I hope they take this subplot a bit further in future episodes.



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  1. I loved the original series and I’m watching this one religiously, too. I’m having a hard time getting over Starbuck being a woman, and an immature one. I also don’t like the overload of testosterone, but I guess they have to keep that in to keep the appeal with the 10-25’s, their base. Overall, I like it and hope it continues on. I like what they did with the Cylons. I’m not so sure that they’re a limited singularity, though, instead of a singularity early in its naissance.

  2. I think the Starbuck character is the same, except for the gender. I much prefer this over the old series. I like to think that the new BG is aimed at the same people who loved the old BG – it’s just that we’re older and more sophisticated now. Less jargon and more philosophy.

    Thanks for replying. Where’s your blog? 🙂

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