Ken Jennings is Human

November 28, 2004 at 10:11 am | Posted in Fun Indoors | 6 Comments

This Tuesday, the amazing run of Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings finally comes to an end. Jason Kottke’s entry has audio of the Final Jeopardy question and Ken’s surprising (wrong) answer. He must have been thinking of his Christmas purchases.


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  1. Do you think he meant to lose? First of all, he seldom bids an even dollar amount. That kind of odd isn’t it? He often will be something like $4,317 or something like that. Hardly ever does he bid an even number like $4,000.

    Also, the alleged answer he gave for Final Jeopardy was way off, not even close. So I’m wondering whether he was content with the 2.5 million he already won. Second, I was wondering about his job as a software engineer back in Salt Lake City, UT. Unless he is the owner of the company or a relative of the owner, how likely is it for someone to take off 75 days from their job to play a game show. Doesn’t seem likely. So maybe he lost on purpose.

    Just my 1 cent worth.


  2. I think it’s telling seeing him in a previous episode. He said that most people don’t have the chance to do what they really want, due to lack of time or money. He then said that those who are financially independent have a responsibility to make the right choices. It sounds like he wanted out of the show. If he doesn’t go back to his old job, I’m sure we’d like to know what he does next, now that he’s a “former contestant”.

  3. Will, they tape five shows a day, so it is more like he took off 15 days to do the shows. As for the amounts he bid, I have been watching since he began the streak, and I do not recall him ever bidding some obscure amount like the $4317 you noted. Most of the time, he would bid enough to get his total dollar figure to an exact $5000 amount.
    Did he try and throw the game? Maybe, but I doubt that even if he did, that he would ever admit to it. He seems to be too competitive to simply throw a game, and seeing as how they do tape five shows a day, simply seeing Monday’s match was proof enough that he was having an off day.
    As for Ken’s future, I wish him the best, whatever he chooses to do with his life. I’m sure he’ll be back for the tournament of champions next season, and will be the favorite to win, as well as any future special masters tournament they might hold. He might well be that one in a billion in game quiz shows, and we likely will not see another of his caliber in our lifetimes.

  4. I did throw it!!!

  5. ken rocks my world!!!! i want to marry him, i will always love him forever!!!

  6. Well, I’m married at the current moment. If she krokes I’ll keep you in mind little lady.

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