William Shatner Has Been

October 27, 2004 at 8:49 pm | Posted in Fun Indoors | 1 Comment

I don’t care what you say about William Shatner’s singing career. I’ll admit that his 1960’s debut album was bad to the point of being a cult classic. It’s an excellent example of Captain Kirk’s acting and speaking style done to excess.

However, his new album Has Been (iTunes) (website) is surprisingly good. I highly recommend that Shatner fans go and buy this album, if only to spare me the embarassment that I actually paid $9.99 tonight after hearing a few samples. Only Shatner can make you feel happy listening to a song about death (You’ll Have Time). The title track is also very good at combining both self-parody and a swipe at his critics (those who can try and those who don’t, criticize). The variety of musical styles in this album and the appearance of more successful musicians helping Shatner out of his jam is also another reason to give Has Been a try.

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  1. Here are the lyrics to “Real”, which is the best song in the album:

    I have saved the world in the movies

    So naturally, there’s folks who think

    I must know what to do

    But just because you’ve seen me on your TV

    Doesn’t mean I’m any more enlightened than you

    And while there’s a part of me in that guy you’ve seen

    Up there on that screen – I am so much more

    And I wish I knew the things you think I do

    I would change this world for sure

    But I eat and sleep and breathe and bleed and feel

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m real

    I’d love to help the world and all it’s problems

    But I’m an entertainer and that’s all

    So the next time there’s an asteriod

    Or a natural disaster

    I’m flattered that you thought of me

    But I’m not the one to call

    And while there’s a part of me …

    And while there’s a part of me …

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