California Ballot Propositions

October 23, 2004 at 5:36 pm | Posted in Politics | 1 Comment

Today was political Saturday. I spent a few hours looking at various web sites that give a non-partisan analysis of the many ballot propositions in the 2004 California General Election.

Here are my recommendations. Remember, vote early and vote often.

The most important Proposition for most people is 72, given recent union unrest, continuing job uncertainty, and rising health care costs. Yes on 72!

Proposition   Recommendation and Quickie Justification

1A            YES
              Keep tax revenues local
              Stop unfunded mandates
59            YES
              Increase government access and transparency

60            NO
              Badly written proposition. Status-quo proposition.
              Supported by all political parties. Need I say more?
60A           NO

61            NO
              Improve hospitals with existing funds.
              Other health issues more important (Prop 72)
62            YES
              Improve election of centrist candidates
              Parties don't have right to appear in general ballot
63            NO
              Issue should be addressed by Legislature
              Other health issues more important (Prop 72)
64            YES
              Prevent frivolous lawsuits
              Class-action suits and government can still protect people
65            NO
              Became Proposition 1A after negotiations

66            YES
              Refine intent of three-strikes law
              Life sentence should be for serious crimes
67            YES
              May increase move to VoIP systems
              Something to piss off rude obnoxious phone/SMS freaks.
68            NO
              Prevent loss in state gaming revenue.
              Non-indian casinos could avoid corporate taxation
69            NO
              Violates presumption of innocence
              Loss of privacy protections. Possible abuse of data.
70            NO
              Would support without 99-year term provision
              Would support if included better environmental/regulatory compliance
71            YES
              Offset reduction in federal funding
              Otherwise would oppose for financial reasons
72            YES
              Prevent health-care system collapse

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  1. The election is over and the country has tilted Red. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

    Let’s see how I called the California propositions. I voted with the majority 7 out of 16 times.

    Proposition   Me    Actual     Comment
    1A            YES   YES
    59            YES   YES    
    60            NO    YES        Beaten by Ahnuld
    60A           NO    YES        
    61            NO    YES        It's only $750 million
    62            YES   NO        
    63            NO    YES        CA more attractive to the insane
    64            YES   YES        
    65            NO    NO       
    66            YES   NO         Safer than letting everyone have guns
    67            YES   NO         Cell phone voting bloc
    68            NO    NO
    69            NO    YES        Let's see where the database goes...
    70            NO    NO
    71            YES   YES   
    72            YES   NO         Don't get sick!

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