Chess and Guns

September 12, 2004 at 12:14 am | Posted in Fun Indoors, Fun Outdoors | Leave a comment

I went to the OakTree Gun Club for the second time, but the first time with my own pistols. Of course, I stupidly brought along the banned CCI Blazer ammo for my Sig and ended up paying an extra $30 for brass ammo. I then proceeded to use my 22LR to take down every single bowling pin at the furthest line (three were already down from shooters earlier in the day). I did manage to take out one using my 9mm. I tried the falling plates and got a personal best of just under 2 seconds, which paled to the guy after me who did it in less than 1. Damn that guy was fast.

Later in the day, I engaged in battle with the California Division IV State Chess Champion; at least that’s what the trophy said. The first game started with me in black; I took command of the center, fought off a counter attack, and then launched a King side advance that finally resulted in my oppponents resignation. For the second game, I was White and had to fight off a Sicilian Defense. I blundered in mid-game by giving away my Queen, but I managed to survive till the end by taking out both his Rooks. In the end, I was checkmated by his Queen. Oh, and one more thing — my opponent is in the 2nd grade. The good news is that I can still play well, but only at the elementary school level 🙂

My last chess game before this was in 1985 and ended in defeat at the hands of John Sorbek when I left my back rank open and I was mated by a lone Rook. This time, I felt better going 1-1 and decided it was best to leave it at that. Chess can be stressful; anyways, why bother when the best chess player in the world is a computer programmer?

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