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Leave it to Apple to make the most interesting thing about the computer something other than the performance of the computer. Instead of emphasizing CPU speed or hard drive size or video performance (weak in my opinion), Apple emphasizes things that appear to be secondary factors to the typical user bombarded wtih price-performance hype from other companies like Dull or Hewlett-Packard.

Apple marketing VP Greg Joswiak reveals that Apple has thought more about the thermal, mechanical, acoustic, and manufacturing aspects of the iMac.

My years with the quietness and compactness of the Cube G4 has led me to the iMac G5 as my next computer. Apple computers are truly greater than the sum of its parts — a lesson other companies can learn from. Apple’s approach to systems engineering results in holistically superior high-technology products.

I’m thrilled that Apple leveraged their thermal zone concept in the G5 towers into the iMac and how they used laptop hinge designs to create damped motion of the iMac monitor. They used reflecting technology found in Bose products to eliminate the bulk and ugliness of external speakers.

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As the article says – it’s the little details that Apple gets right that makes Mac users fall in love with their machines. Many PC programs have little annoyances that build up over time; I have to deal with these at work with some custom-built software – everytime I do so, I curse the people who made design decisions without qualifications or testing. They talk a lot about usability, but they don’t prioritize it. Usability is not something that you can design quickly, but something that takes both time and experience. With the software I work with, performance comes first. Usability is a second, but it gets treated like dirt.

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