Coke C2 Revealed

June 20, 2004 at 8:03 pm | Posted in Food and Drink | 1 Comment

As one who finds soft drinks too sweet, I usually water them down with some soda water (when available). So I was very interested in Coca-Cola’s C2 when it was announced a few months ago. With America’s craze for low-carb Atkins-style diets, C2 promises half the sugar of the regular stuff. I bought a 20-oz bottle to see for myself. The sidebar looked good (18g of sugar and 68 calories for a 12 oz serving) until I saw this:

Yuck. I never liked diet sodas because I am sensitive to saccharine, aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners. Some even get headaches from aspartame, although this has been subject to debate. I tried it and I liked it because it is less sweet than regular Coke, but I can still taste the aspartame.

It looks like Coke just mixed one part Diet Coke and one part Coke Classic and spent millions of dollars trying to convince us that this is something innovative and new, when in reality, you might be able to approximate it using the above recipe.

It’s too bad the corn syrup producers in this country have bought legislation suppressing the use of an excellent alternative to refined sugar – stevia.

Check it out – the rest of the world can’t be wrong.

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  1. Whereever Coke goes, Pepsi follows…

    Carbwire posted a review of Pepsi Edge. Their ingredients list shows that they use sucralose instead of aspartame, and they noted that Pepsi Edge tasted closer Diet Pepsi than Coke C2 tasted closer to Diet Coke.

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