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April 12, 2004 at 9:43 pm | Posted in Macintosh, Rants | Leave a comment

As my Cube gets long in the tooth, I begin the search for my next Mac, most definitely a G5 with good game-stomping video. Just when I thought that the ATI Radeon 9800’s shown at last January’s Macworld Expo would be a good choice, Nvidia announces their GeForce 6800. According to some reports, this card will require at least 150 watts of power. This is so much more than what the AGP or PCI buses can supply that there is space on the card for two additional hard drive connectors. It will be a challenge for Apple, known for their industrial design, to make this card work while maintaining the G5 industrial design. If not, then gamers may dismiss Apple as not being cutting edge or flexible enough to handle these monster video cards.

In other Mac news…

this rumor article from AppleInsider speculates on thermal issues with may be delaying the release of the next generation of G5 Macs. This is only a segway into my rant – that being the experience of a friend of mine meeting an Apple engineer at a thermal engineering trade show in San Jose last month. The Apple engineer sneered derisively at my friend when he mentioned that we was working on defense- and space- related heat transfer problems with zero-flow boundary conditions, somehow implying that the work he did was not worthy of being addressed by MacOSX-based thermal analysis software. All I can say is that we have products and techniques that can dissipate 2kW in a card the size of an iPod; they’re not cheap, but could be the basis of a consumer (read inexpensive) solution.

Apple’s traditional arrogance and NIH syndrome is still there. Overlooking thermal and mechanical design issues only harms the reputation of their products.

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