Wonderfalls Not So Wonderful

April 6, 2004 at 6:34 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment

Fox has cancelled Wonderfalls, which I was beginning to like, since it was a funny and cute contrast from the otherwise gritty and dark reality of my other two shows. Wonderfalls featured good stories, character development, and a funny optimism in the midst of tension-filled and cold-hearted reality television. Other guys looked at me funny when I talked about the show – it’s definitely a show geared to females, as the men were often portrayed as good-hearted, but weak willed, bumblers. Still, one can have eclectic tastes. I enjoyed Jaye Tyler’s angst as much as Jack Bauer taking care of Nina Meyers.

I don’t think Fox was entirely fair to the show. Let’s count the three strikes against Wonderfalls:

  1. Weak time slot (Friday nights)
  2. Premiered during March Madness
  3. Nonexistent marketing.

Oh well — we can at least hope for the DVD.

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