Wal-Mart loses another one

April 6, 2004 at 10:52 pm | Posted in Politics | 1 Comment

Political corruption instigated by greedy corporations like Wal-Mart was given a setback today. Voters in the City of Inglewood rejected a ballot measure that would have circumvented the Inglewood City Council’s rejection of Wal-Mart’s request to build one of their SuperCenters.

I’m in favor of the citizen-initiated measures to circumvent government roadblocks, but this case was so transparent – both sides knew that Wal-Mart financed the entire process to save the costs of fully complying with environmental and other regulations. In addition, the issue (building/zoning) is not one that justified an end run around the City Council. Corporate abuses like this makes it harder for legitimate grassroots efforts to succeed.

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  1. Hi Alex and fellow allies!

    Much to my surprise,…and sheer delight,..the

    City of Inglewood has put another notch in the

    Wal*Mart “belt of shame”, turning the screw a

    little tighter and putting increasing pressure

    on this icon of greed and indignity to yield to

    the will of the PEOPLE…

    I was moved to see a community that is in dire

    straits realize that the prospects of a new police

    station,..upgraded parks,..over 1,000 new jobs

    and a huge tax revenue was,..indeed,..a “Pandora’s

    Box,”…a precursor to certain desiccation of

    local enterprise and an increased welfare payroll

    at the expense of the already struggling taxpayer.

    In my opinion, ….well,..I’ll just let this

    e-mail I sent to the Inglewood City Council ex-

    press my views:


    Ladies and Gentlemen of the City Council of Inglewood:

    My hat is off to you, and the citizens of Inglewood, in congratulating you on a milestone

    accomplishment in denying Wal*Mart entrance to your city..

    I have a great deal of respect for anyone who has the fortitude,the presence of mind,

    morals and principles to “look such a formidable gift horse in the mouth” and say

    “NO, THANK YOU!”

    That was a good “end sweep” by Wal*Mart,..but they obviously underestimated the

    defensive tenacity of the people in forcing a major turnover.

    With any luck, you may well have set a precedent for other communities, California

    and nation-wide in sending this “Goliath” a strong message:

    “Until you can provide a more acceptable wage, favorable working conditions, fair

    labor practices, affordable health care and benefits to your employees:….UNTIL

    you stop exploiting foreign labor and production to supply you with an “outsourced

    wealth” at the expense of American jobs and enterprise;…UNTIL you cease under-

    mining the economy and the working class in America….YOU ARE NOT WELCOME



    Dwight Metzler

    Accompanying that e-mail was a letter sent to the

    Daily Breeze:


    The fact that the Inglewood residents turned down Wal*Mart’s detour around the City

    Council in an attempt to erect one of their “Big Boxes” by a margin of nearly 2 to 1

    speaks volumes about their aspirations of a California “welcome mat.”

    As a Retail Clerk,..freshly returned to work after a 4 1/2 month slap in the face to

    the working class by the likes of Steve Burd (CEO of Safeway), I was ecstatic when I

    learned of this development on the 11:00 P.M. News.

    When you take into consideration that Inglewood, with an unemployment rate of 8%

    (among the highest in the nation),a high crime rate and a city in dire need of an over-

    haul, can weigh the prospects of a new police station, dozens of shops, upgraded parks,

    huge tax revenues and the allure of over 1,000 jobs against the long range impact a

    Wal*Mart would make on local business and the economy in general, and say “NO!”,

    it is comforting to be reassured of a people’s ability to see through the “smoke screen

    of GREED.”

    In 1999, Wal*Mart had an employee turnover rate of over 70%,..which is absurd!…

    In 2002, the average Wal*Mart employee,..working full time earned an annual income

    over $1,000 below the National watermark for poverty.

    Of the 10 Richest People in the World,…5 are Walton:…Draw your own conclusions.

    All I can say is, with the greed-obsessed mindset of “Corporate Wal*Merica” today,

    faced with skyrocketing health care costs and the routine outsourcing of both jobs and

    factories to foreign countries, our economy is in great peril unless we have more

    Inglewoods making a statement to a substandard way of life

    Just how much are we expected to sacrifice to earn a decent and respectible living?

    The only ones to benefit from this mockery of the working class are the upper 3%:

    The CEOs and major shareholders. STAND UP AMERICA!!


    The preceding article was, in turn, forwarded to

    the AFL/CIO, who, in response wrote:

    “Thank you so much for your comments. We are considering publishing your

    e-mail letter in a future issue of the AFL-CIO’s America@work magazine.

    If you would like it included, please e-mail us with your permission,

    along with your city and state and union membership, if any. If you

    would like to receive an issue of the magazine once we publish you

    letter, please include a mailing address and we will send it to you.

    Thanks for your help.”

    We’ll take ALL we can get to expose this cancer

    and place it in permanent remission…


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