Ten Years of Power Macintosh

March 16, 2004 at 7:07 pm | Posted in Macintosh | 1 Comment

This week marks the 10th Anniversary of the Power Macintosh product line. The PowerMac has always been important to Apple’s professional / prosumer markets, and selling lots of them bodes well for the company, due to its high margins and ability to sell other peripherals like displays and printers. When the first 6100/7100/8100 PowerMacs were announced, Apple sold over 145,000 of them in two weeks, and over a million during their first year.

Ten years since then, Apple now has a “kick-ass” G5 PowerMac, but has been unable to sell them as fast as they did 10 years ago. Last quarter, Apple shipped about 206,000 G5s and this quarter, they are only expected to sell 195,000 units. If the current trends continue, Apple will sell no more than 800,000 by the end of summer. It may actually be worse than that, since Steve Jobs promises 3GHz G5’s by the end of this summer, which may put a lot of potential buyers on hold. Personally, if Apple doesn’t have the G5 I want at the right price by early June, I’m waiting until after WWDC.

Mac Overclocking

The first PowerMacs were also the first Macs that were easily overclocked.

Back then, the rumor mills said that due to good yields, IBM was shipping more 80MHz units than expected, and Apple purposely underclocked them in the 60MHz 6100. In fact, all one had to do was piggyback a faster (40MHz) oscillator on top of the 6100’s 30MHz oscillator (60MHz) to get performance almost equal to the more expensive 8100. Companies like Output Enablers were quite successful in the overclocking market. I overclocked my 6100 to 80Mhz and saved over $2,000. I sold the 6100 about three years ago for $40, and it was still running like a champ.

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