You’re In The Army Now

March 13, 2004 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment

Today’s most interesting Slashdot article involves the creation of preliminary plans by the Selective Service to draft people with specialized skills necessary for the “War On Terror”. Even though the current Administration is saying that the return of the draft is remote, I believe that the rhetoric will change after the November elections, regardless of who is elected President. This time, due to the skill sets desired (foreign languages and computer expertise), the eligible age ranges will be greater (up to 44 years old according to articles from the San Francisco Chronicle and Seattle Post-Intelligencer).

For an Administration committed to Free Enterprise, I’m pointing out their hypocrisy. Instead of forcing people to change their lives, why not offer them a combination of attractive pay and government benefits? It’s not like Arabic language majors are in high demand, and I’m sure a lot of post-dot-com IT workers need the work. On the other hand though, conservatives are also proponents of Free Trade, which means getting people to work for the lowest wages, whether you send the jobs to India or draft Americans into indentured servitude.

I believe that the government should be more forthcoming about these plans, however preliminary. It will allow our young people to better determine their life and career paths – whether they want to enter military service or to avoid it, with the resulting benefits and risks either choice presents.

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