Starbrite Solutions – Intellectually Bankrupt

March 3, 2004 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Rants | 2 Comments

Just another sign of the lack of innovation and lemming mentality found in the Windows world. This company (StarBrite Solutions) actually thinks they’re going to get away with this crap, considering that half of all iPod sales are to Windows users. Once you have an iPod, why would anyone want to carry a PocketPC boat anchor?



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  1. Looks like Apple really leaned on them hard – their home page is now saying that pBop is no longer available for download. You know – it didn’t have to come to this – I dislike any large company using legal muscle against small companies, but StarBrite should have taken their programming expertise and given PocketPC users something more interesting to buy.

  2. Looks like they got leaned on by Apple and renamed their product “pBop”. Doesn’t matter what they call their piece of junk, it just reinforces kids view that the iPod is cool and the pBop is …. not.

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