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February 25, 2004 at 8:41 pm | Posted in Macintosh | 6 Comments

Apple appears to be getting a great discount on the hard drive in the iPod Mini. The hard drive is a 4Gb Compact Flash Microdrive that sells for about $600 retail. Instructions at show how to extract the 4Gb drive and replace it with a smaller drive. Therefore, one can spend $400 ($250 for the iPod mini and $150 for a 1GB Microdrive) and get back $600 from selling the 4GB Microdrive



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  1. This sounds like a Ponzi scheme, but unlike the Viagra and vitamin spam that gets posted on my blog, I will let this stand with a “buyer beware” warning. I think it’s a scam, and advise against accepting this offer.

  2. If not free, its cheap…

    A very easy way to get an Ipod Mini. NOT A MATRIX. Just sign up for one offer ($30 max) and refer 5 people

    the terms and conditions …

    here they are : “For paid offers you must accept the item/service and pay in full. Additionally, you must refer a minimum of five (5) people to our promotion. A referral will count once a user you referred links to our site directly from a link included in the referral email initiated by you from our website and the user registers their email address and also completes at least one advertiser offer. We do not require a refered user to meet all free gift eligibility requirements (such as also referring 5 friends) in order to count as one of your referrals. It can take up to 4 weeks for our marketing partners to report back to us that you have completed their offer and, depending on the timing of reporting in conjunction with the monthly cutoff for redemption certificate deliveries, it may take up to 8 weeks to receive your redemption certificate via email. Please be patient while our marketing partners report back to us.

    Once your participation is reported back to us by the marketing partner whose offer you selected, and your five referrals are completed, you will receive a redemption notice at the email address provided at the time of registration. You must then confirm your email address and provide your shipping address.”

  3. Point taken – it looks like the window of opportunity has closed quickly if you wanted to make money. At these prices, there is no advantage to switching Microdrives.


    they sell for only about $275.00 on ebay.

  5. It says here that Hitachi is supplying the 4Gb Microdrives. It also mentions that you can get the Creative Muvo2 for only $160 and it also has the same Microdrive.

  6. hey man thats cool but i was wondering who would buy the micro drive and who provides the drives to apple

    thx, thadd

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