Slammed by MyDoom

February 24, 2004 at 6:35 pm | Posted in Technology | Leave a comment

It looks like the latest variant (F) of the MyDoom virus has hit my workplace. One of our shared drives was wiped out and lots of people were hurriedly disconnecting from the offending server to avoid getting infected. It seems that although most computers were protected from the mass-mailing effects of the virus, this variant is more destructive and deleted many files. When I asked our local server guru what the recovery plan was, he quipped that IT was “writing it up as we speak”. Today’s productivity-destroying incident is not only a indictment of Microsoft’s horrible operating system design decisions, but our corporate IT’s sheer ineptitude and incompetence in dealing with a virus that was identified five days ago and for which patches were available.

As usual, most of my files were on Unix and MacOS X volumes and I was largely unaffected (except for loss of email, which wasn’t that bad considering it was the way by which the virus breached the company firewall). However, I still had to make sure that my Samba- and NFS- shared volumes were disconnected from my PC.Before those in the peanut gallery send me their advice, I would like to remind them that I do not have administrative rights on my own PC (another bad IT decision), and that some Windows patches were applied to it automatically over the weekend. It’s no fun trying to work around artifically-created problems like this that prevent engineers from doing their jobs.

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