Job creation numbers

February 18, 2004 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Politics | Comments Off on Job creation numbers

It looks like the Administration is backing away from the rosy scenario of 2.6 million new jobs being created this year. The next thing you know is that Bush will start counting volunteers to make their 2.6 million jobs numbers. Crossing guards, candy stripers, Skid Row food servers, and yes, maybe even John Kerry campaign volunteers. A thousand points of lights – yeah right.Their new definition of “job” doesn’t require that you actually have an income.That’s worse than figuring out what “is” is.

Update: February 22, 2004

I didn’t realize that my prediction above has actually happened in a slightly different manner. This article describes White House comments about reclassifying fast-food jobs as manufacturing. After all, does the integration of meat, cheese, bread, and secret sauce add such value to the product that it can be considered a new product? Even McDonalds doesn’t think so. Just another example of how the government doesn’t realize that manufacturing jobs are so much more important to this country and should be considered more valuable than service jobs.

If you take this kind of reasoning to it’s insane end, then I predict that sex itself will be considered a manufacturing job. That will easily create 2.6 million jobs this week.

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