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You know, if our current corporatist administration treats the current Mad Cow problem in the United States the same way they approached the Iraq problem, we’re going to have a lot of dead, obese Americans. The only problem is that deaths from Mad Cow Disease would take a couple of years to manifest itself, long enough for the Administration to get a second term as long as it continues its lies and deceit on this issue.

Bush’s efforts to have countries lift their bans on American beef are laughable, since we still do not have enough information on the extent of the BSE infection due to lax FDA rules and infrequent testing. Bush’s “ask-no-questions” policy does not work against Mother Nature. Maybe we should classify BSE as a WMD so it can get the attention it deserves.

[Added 12:30 PDT] This morning, the FDA banned dietary supplements containg ephedra, which have been implicated in the death of major-league pitcher Steve Bechler earlier this year. This is a good move, but the FDA should be looking at BSE more aggressively since it affects more people than diet pills.

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