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Illegal immigration issues aside, I’ve always been amused by those who insist on an “English-only” society for the United States, not realizing that not only were there other langauges (native Indian languages, French and, Spanish) in North America before the arrival of Englishmen, but English itself is a dynamic language, changing every-so slowly over the years as words are created, made obsolete, or changed in meaning. As an example, here is a Bible verse in Old and Middle English:

Old English:
And tha laedde se deofol hyne. and aetywde him ealle ricu eorthan ymbehwyrftes. on anre byrhmhwile

Middle English:
n e deuel ledde hym in to an heiy hil, n shewede to hym alle e rewmes of e roundnesse of ere in moment of a tyme

The Modern English version

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