I Left My Free WiFi in San Francisco

December 13, 2003 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Technology | 2 Comments

Last January, I was able to get free WiFi access on my laptop in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. During the last year, the area served by free wireless in The City has greatly expanded. Next month, free wireless may be available in the Moscone Center for Macworld Expo attendees.This is a great middle-finger to give to pay-for-access wireless ISPs such as Boingo and T-Mobile. Kudos to all those involved in this project; I hope other cities follow-up on this experiment.


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  1. > any idea what the IP address or host name will be?

    Sorry, I don’t know until I get there. However, this site should have all the information:


  2. any idea what the IP address or host name will be? i want to make sure that people don’t get automatically banned in IRC from multiple logins at the same time ^_^

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