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December 7, 2003 at 4:02 pm | Posted in Fun Indoors, Politics, Technology | Leave a comment

Ever since the RIAA started to wage war on their customers, many of us have boycotted and refused to buy any music released by RIAA members, even those found on Apple’s iTunes Music Store. The RIAA Radar site enables you to find CDs not released by RIAA members. These are still copyrighted works and should not be shared online, but at least buying these CDs will ensure that none of your money goes towards prosecuting fellow music lovers. For this holiday season, they have generated a list of RIAA-safe CDs you can buy for your friends and family. There are many successful artists in this list, including Roy Orbision, Steve Winwood, David Bowie, and Natalie Merchant. Heck, there’s even one by Michael Bolton 🙂

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