Battlestar Galactica returns

December 3, 2003 at 7:46 pm | Posted in Fun Indoors | Leave a comment

As a young ‘un, one of my favorite series was Battlestar Galactica. Looking back, the show was cheesy, but the storyline of humankind endangered and pursued by technology was compelling (maybe on a subsconscious level). The Sci-Fi Channel has decided to create a new BG series, but early on, they did warn that it will not be a remake of the original series, but rather, they plan to making a well-written space opera, implying that Babylon 5 was not worthy. After seeing this article, it may be the new BG that is not worthy. I can understand changing the gender of my favorite BG characters like Starbuck and Boomer, but for heaven’s sake, is their budget so low that they can’t afford to make real Cylons? BG fans should put up a collection to get the new BG producers a couple of Linux boxes and some 3D/CGI software.

I’ll watch, but until then, check out this video game that, at the very least, understands how important real Cylons are to BG.

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