Israel 3, Microsoft 0

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As I’ve mentioned previously twice (1, 2), Microsoft is in a pricing showdown with Israeli government agencies. It finally looks like MS has taken a bullet in the head. This Seattle Times article describes the suspension of Israel government contracts and the diversion of licensing monies to develop Open Source alternatives with better Hebrew-language support. Regardless of bigger geopolitical issues, this is certainly a welcome and public slap to help MS realize that 2004 will not be as good as 2003.Happy New Year to all.


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You know, if our current corporatist administration treats the current Mad Cow problem in the United States the same way they approached the Iraq problem, we’re going to have a lot of dead, obese Americans. The only problem is that deaths from Mad Cow Disease would take a couple of years to manifest itself, long enough for the Administration to get a second term as long as it continues its lies and deceit on this issue.

Bush’s efforts to have countries lift their bans on American beef are laughable, since we still do not have enough information on the extent of the BSE infection due to lax FDA rules and infrequent testing. Bush’s “ask-no-questions” policy does not work against Mother Nature. Maybe we should classify BSE as a WMD so it can get the attention it deserves.

[Added 12:30 PDT] This morning, the FDA banned dietary supplements containg ephedra, which have been implicated in the death of major-league pitcher Steve Bechler earlier this year. This is a good move, but the FDA should be looking at BSE more aggressively since it affects more people than diet pills.

Microsoft vs. Open Source

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An interesting article summarizing what has happened to Microsoft this past year. Even with $50 billion in the bank, they cannot engage in a price war with Linux and, at the same time, make Wall Street happy. Therein lines this other conundrum:

Microsoft and its customer are addicted to backwards compatibility in a way that makes a heroin addict look silly.

Out Sick

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What did I get for Christmas? Looks like a case of flu. So here I am holed up in my room for the past three days trying to get over this bug. I believe that the flu shot is making this better than it could have been. Happy Holidays out there!!

In other news, we now have new evidence that the G5 does, truly and righteously, spank Opteron-based machines (and cheaper too). My next Mac will definitely be one of these G5 babies with a good video card.


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Illegal immigration issues aside, I’ve always been amused by those who insist on an “English-only” society for the United States, not realizing that not only were there other langauges (native Indian languages, French and, Spanish) in North America before the arrival of Englishmen, but English itself is a dynamic language, changing every-so slowly over the years as words are created, made obsolete, or changed in meaning. As an example, here is a Bible verse in Old and Middle English:

Old English:
And tha laedde se deofol hyne. and aetywde him ealle ricu eorthan ymbehwyrftes. on anre byrhmhwile

Middle English:
n e deuel ledde hym in to an heiy hil, n shewede to hym alle e rewmes of e roundnesse of ere in moment of a tyme

The Modern English version

Mac Software Updates

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This past week, Apple has released a whole slew of MacOS X updates. Here are this week’s updates:

Another MS loss

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A followup to my previous post about Microsoft losing Israeli government contracts to Open Source competitors. This Register article notes that an increasing number of government agencies are refusing to pay the Microsoft tax (aka Licensing 6) and going with Linux systems. It seems that most users will probably be happy with Word97 functionality, especially since that means they don’t have to spent thousands of dollars on new hardware upgrades usually required by Microsoft bloatware.Overall, an excellent job by Microsoft shooting itself in the foot; next time, they should aim for their heads. The Dark Ages of Computing can’t end soon enough.

Bad Santa

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No, not the movie, but the way former Iraqi Dictator-For-Life Saddam Hussein looked like after being captured last night. Next couple of weeks should be interesting as we see who the Iraqi resistance is really fighting for – Saddam and his Baath Party, Iraqi nationalism, or worse, Islamic fundamentalism. I suspect it won’t change much, since the defeat of one faction may only encourage the others to continue.

No matter where he is put on trial – Guantanamo Bay, the Hague, or Baghdad, the conclusion is given – he will be put to death. Too bad he can be killed only once, given the number of people he has killed.

Lance Ulanoff, idiot extraordinaire

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A very reasoned response to an irrational and attention-whoring article by Lance Ulanoff about recently-discovered security flaws in MacOS X. The beauty of the Internet, and blogs in particular, is that we can call people into account for their statements. Lance Ulanoff should spend the next couple of years of his sorry faux-journalist existence trying to defend his shoddy writing and reasoning.

And now, a car analogy shamelessly lifted from Slashdot:

Lance is sitting by the side of the road with his Chevy Vega that just flew to pieces for the fifth time that week, and he’s pointing at the Lexus that just sped by because it had a defective radio knob that just fell off.

Longest Line

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I went to the opening of the second Apple Store and waited over 2 hours in line. The Japanese put that line to shame with the opening of the Tokyo/Ginza Apple Store last November 30th. Some Mac head has the proof.

If you look at the video, you’ll see that it was raining at the beginning, dry in the middle, and it started to rain again at the end. There seemed to be over 2000 people in line that day.

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